Monday, December 31, 2018
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1 A major school district scandal in 2015 and a failed tax levy increase dubbed Proposition 1 in 2017 left the school district with some difficult decisions to make in 2018.

Sunday, December 30, 2018
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4 The new year will be the beginning of a lifetime in prison for a man who took the life of one St. Joseph resident and seriously injured another.

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5 Drought settled in rapidly across all of Northwest Missouri during 2018, inflicting harm on farms and causing some municipalities to scramble for emergency water supplies.

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6St. Joseph saw an uptick in economic development in 2018, from The Shoppes at North Village to the South Belt Highway and Downtown.

Saturday, December 29, 2018
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7Throughout 2018, the St. Joseph Police Department teamed up with law enforcement agencies around the city and county to get a handle on street-level crime. By adding patrol units to the streets of St. Joseph and having a helicopter monitor from above, the department conducted four major tra…

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8St. Joseph elected six new city council members in April, including Mayor Bill McMurray, and for the city’s staff it was sort of like they got six new bosses and rehired the other three.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Lindy Anderson always has loved animals in general and cats in particular. When she noticed stray cats in her Savannah, Missouri, neighborhood shivering through the winter months, she knew she had to do something.

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Throughout their 68-year marriage, a love of Christ and dedication to growing through fellowship has strengthened Harvey and Jean Gayle Parker’s relationship.

Dee Ann Heck’s servant heart has made a tremendous impact in the Mound City, Missouri, community, and sometimes beyond.

Two years ago, Brad Derr gathered unwanted coats from his own closet, his family and his Facebook friends and donated them to the homeless. Now, he leads an organization called Help the Homeless of Northwest Missouri and continues to expand his mission.

Lute Atieh is using his pilot’s license to teach children.

For almost 30 years, Rachel Gunderson has used her free time to serve those in need around the globe. From an orphanage in Ecuador to a refugee camp in Bangladesh, the nurse practitioner has followed what she believes is her divine calling, to help the global community with medical needs whi…

Tabitha Samuelson, an in-home caregiver with ResCare Homecare, never expected so much attention for “just doing her job.”

Brandee Davison believes she has more to offer the world — namely its children —besides being a stay-at-home mom.

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