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Our Story

The St. Joseph News-Press, NBC 21 KNPG, FOX 26 KNPN, CBS 30 KCJO and newspressnow.com have joined forces as News-Press NOW to deliver your news when, where and how you want it. The merging of these operations forms an unbeatable news-gathering team, the largest in Northwest Missouri. We have an experienced and knowledgeable staff producing a dynamic group of multimedia services to best inform, entertain and engage our readers and viewers. We feel confident that through our converged effort, we will continue to deliver the most timely, relevant and high-quality news products to our audience.

The St. Joseph News-Press, in print since 1845, offers in-depth news stories, featuring award-winning journalists and columnists with unique, local perspectives.

FOX 26 KNPN-LD offers the Midland Empire local news and weather coverage, as well as FOX entertainment, sports and syndicated programming.

NBC 21 KNPG-LD, the area’s local NBC affiliate, launched in November 2016 and brings NBC news, entertainment and sports to local viewers.

CBS 30 KCJO-LD, brings the return of a local CBS station to the St. Joseph area for the first time in 50 years. CBS 30 KCJO broadcasts local news and weather and CBS news, entertainment and sports.

News-Press NOW - our local cable news and weather channel - alerts, prepares and protects residents during severe weather while providing constant news and weather information, 24 hours a day.

newspressnow.com combines our print and on-air efforts by allowing readers and viewers to access information immediately, anywhere they want it, via the web.

Our mobile apps, News-Press Mobile and Storm Tracker, offer our subscribers the ability to take their news and weather coverage, wherever they go.