Walmart Real Estate Business Trust, 4201 N. Belt Highway, replace refrigeration cases, Marick Inc., $90,000.

Heartland Regional Medical Center, 5325 Faraon St., Mosaic UMKC classroom office renovation, Lehr Construction, $120,000.

St. Joseph Regional Port Authority c/o St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce, 1616 Stockyards Expressway, new hopper bins and conveyors, no contractor listed, $1,800,000.

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Stanley Herzog and William Herzog, 3002 N. Riverside Road, building addition and temp classrooms, Lee Grover Construction Co., $500,000.

Amerco Real Estate Co., 903 N. 36th St., a new building for self-storage, Hastco Inc., $241,667.

Austin and Rachel Kretzer and Justine Hildebrand, 1502 Mansfield Road, installation of an in-ground pool, St. Joe Outdoor Living, $52,500.

Ideker Farms Inc., 4614 S. 40th St., building addition and interior remodel, Al J. Mueller Construction Co., $565,600.