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Know yourself

You know, Clint Eastwood was in a movie a long time ago and he made a statement in that movie, that is “What a man knows about himself inside is what makes him afraid.” And that’s your Democrats.


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From a friend:


Let’s keep in mind that the Republican Party has undergone a metamorphosis under Trump....more hateful......more crass....lacking diplomacy....and has become a home to the fringes of our society (the white nationalists, the Qanon nuts, the flying saucer and mystical protagonists, and those who despise science for having the nerve to present data that clashes with their liberties).

Trump and his cult continue to claim the 2020 election was rigged, conveniently overlooking our rigged Supreme Court, a court that is going to be rigged for decades.

You know, me, as a naïve kid, actually believed that when Americans put on that black robe that they casted off their biases and actually became nonpartisan judges. What a joke.....a real misread of reality if there ever was one.

I have Republican friends and relatives who I think are smart refined people and yet they would follow this shallow crumb-bum to the ends of the earth. And my religious friends would also follow this sacrilegious man, this man who does not have an ounce of religion within him, to the ends of the earth.

I listen as Trump waxes on and on....”Biden and the Democrats are a threat to our democracy” he bellows and then hyperbolizes and lies, much to the delight of his worshippers.

And look who the Republicans have put forth in Arizona and Florida and Georgia and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and Missouri.....Trump wannabes.

But, the independents are watching and listening. And those independents will vote with their hearts and their brains.

There is hope.


Keep your finger’s crossed.


Please know that 40% of your farm income is from the government. You could not make it without the government. And in MO the Republican Governor is getting ready to give you more government $. About that socialism…..


Yeah. They seem to forget farm subsidies. Also forget that farmers and other ag producers are the real beneficiaries of the SNAP program.


Farm welfare, but they are good with that.

Your sure good at eating the food farmers produce.


And what the heck does that have to do with farm subsidies? I breath oxygen and drink water, what is your point?


And they’re good at taking government money.

Comment deleted.

Right on Picalow 👍 Fan the flames: Maga, Do-Nothing Republican`s and Trimputin are the ones dividing the country with their lies, miss-information and inciting violence. That`s a fact...


Well the great Truth Social is going down the tubes, something trump is fantastic at. The company World Acquisition Corp is unable to raise the funds to help trump due to the fact that they are being investigated by the SEC and the DOJ. Sounds like everyday business for that great self made business man.


“It’s time we had a businessman run the government like a business…”

They elect one of the worst businessmen ever.


But he says he’s really rich, but please keep sending me money. Sounds like a church. The RNC has cut him off from their funds and he is going to start paying his legal bills all on his own. He tried to pay a $2 million dollar debt to a lawyer by giving him a horse that he claimed was worth $5 million, the lawyer said no. What is it with him a Blackburn trying to pay debts with animals. Just give the doctor a chicken.


A cancer on America - - The majority of Americans would agree with you. I really really really don't believe Trump will be the nominee in 2024 for multiple reasons.

Rest assured that the cancer you speak of is not terminal. The cure is the majority of Americans standing up to the visceral far right wing who perpetrate violence, lies and hate.


Speak up…my thought every time Trump holds a rally.


Fan the flames…

Biden: we need to fight fascists.

Trump supporter: why is he being so mean to us?

Why does he hate fellow Americans? All American has a right to vote and believe what they want. I can understand you being scared of losing.


Yes grandpa, why does trump and MAGA fools hate fellow Americans? And as far as losing how many republican presidents have lost the popular vote. Democrats are trying to get all American citizens to vote, republicans only want certain people to vote. Amazing how you uneducated republicans can’t even understand what you are saying.


Glad to know you think fascists have a place in this country and that their election and influence on our government is ok. Good job, jdw. You’d have made a good and compliant German citizen in 1937.

You don't have a clue as to what I think. Oh where's your and picalow response on where I showed you how wrong you both were on felons being able to vote.

Wait grandpadude can think Wow! that`s a new one, its really not possible for someone that listens to Trumputin and Fox Entertainment to form factual thought`s is it?


When? You haven’t shown me anything other than your ignorance. I need a good laugh, explain it to me Lucy.

Explain what? Picalow? How you can't figure out that felons can vote? If you can't Google it and read it there's no way to help you. See I wrote this hold comment without calling you names or belittling you. I do understand you can't do that.


Yes, jdw. Felons can vote. But there have been attempts by the GOP to reverse that or not make it easier for felons to vote. That was the point that was being made.

You never answered my question about 1 ballot box per county in Texas. What are your thoughts there?

aj I never seen or read about 1 ballot box. But if that's what's happening them yes it wrong and will never be allowed. But that would effect both parties not just one. And you said Republicans are working to change the voting law where felons can't vote. That not what picalow said. Now you revising your question so you won't look wrong. But no matter your still wrong.


Grandpa, put down your bible and read a history book or some factual current topics. You would be much better off.


It’s happening all over grandpa, stop with fox entertainment. Do some research on how people are being kept from voting.

Picalow. I do read history book. I listen to several different news sources. But I also read the Bible. For true information. See every word of the Bible is true.


Religion, killing each other over who has the best imaginary friend. Keep it up.

Picalow someday you'll bow down to what you bowl down to my imaginary friend. Believe it or not it will happen.

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