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News-Press, would you please quit printing letters to the editor from Larry Flinchpaugh? He lives in Springfield, Missouri. I’m sure there’s plenty of newspapers down there that he could fob off his radical right ideas. We’re tired of it here. No more Larry Flinchpaugh in the St. Joe newspaper.


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And still crickets from the Trump cult. Not one has the integrity to say “I was wrong.” What a pathetic bunch.


Man of integrity - I agree and would add that about the First Lady as well. Jill Biden's history is stellar. Melania was/is as bad as her husband Donnie on his third marriage and too many law suits on top of what is coming at him for his lack of integrity/honesty. She should receive a subpoena as well.


Republicans in June: abortion should be left to the states.

Republicans now: abortion should be banned nationwide.

Not a surprising turn of philosophy from Republicans.


That mentality will hurt them in my view.




LINDSEY GRAHAM IS set to introduce a federal abortion ban on Tuesday, just weeks after declaring the issue should be left to the states

“I think states should decide the issue of marriage and states should decide the issue of abortion,” the SC senator told CNN last month


Elite friends…Biden has a net worth of about $8 million according to Forbes. Why do these people just flat lie?


Why does the editor not correct the lies? This right wing paper pushes misinformation that has to do with politics.


He’s still hurting from being called out over corrections, not a paper much integrity.


Man of integrity…Trump flew to DC the other day without explanation. On Monday he was spotted at his golf course. That’s the reason, he said, for being in DC. Only problem is that he, nor anyone in his party, had golf clubs.

My guess is they’re suspecting the FBI has a warrant for phones or domicile to be wired. Why else stand on a golf course with about 10 other men with nary a golf tee in sight?

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