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Impact on prices

President Biden says there’s nothing we can do about the price of gasoline. Yes there is. He could resign.

Out of step

Every election cycle the Republicans campaign on local control. Apparently Josh Hawley does not agree with his Republican counterparts.

Food waste

This food that the government is giving away is being thrown away part of the time. There is a 50-pound bag of perfectly good potatoes and also onions in a Dumpster where my friend lives in this small town, along with other items given to them. You absolutely cannot give to people and take care of them and pay for everything for them. This is horrible. It is a waste of food, and the people receiving it.

Common sense

I’m so glad to read that some others, like I do, agree with Ken Reeder. He’s one of the few people in this community that seems to have some common sense. That’s the reason I voted for him in nearly every election he’s run.

Another planet

If you people aren’t worried, you really should be. If you’re not worried, I don’t know what planet you live on.

No party

When people realize what is making our country sick is our own government trying to destroy us, things might start turning around, slowly. We, the people, are the ones that have to pull together for this to happen. Not political parties.

In touch

Is it just me, or do others agree Ken Reeder appears to be the school board member most in touch with the public?

White on white

How can the left call Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist when he shot three other white guys?

A new bill

Instead of Joe Biden and the Democrats’ “Build Back Better” bill, they should have a “Put Everything Back to the Way They Found It” bill.

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Common sense -- He ran in too many elections to count and lost everyone of them until this SJSB one, where he won only because he joined the South End fear mongering of closing schools. Reeder is not highly respected in this community...usually laughed at...especially when he goes to most city council meetings that are televised so he can see himself yapping on TV.


In touch…in St Joe, Reeder probably is the most in touch with the public. That isn’t a good thing. He’s a bit of a flake thus he represents his constituents well.


:) Well said aj0201!



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