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Dealing with stress

I want the St. Joseph School District to go on lockdown Thanksgiving week and stay in their homes. Do not be bothering the working public. They have high stress and a heavy workload also.

Calling on administrators

In the private sector, if a business is short staffed, oftentimes it’s the managers who step in to perform critical duties. After all, they have the experience. If the local schools are short on teachers, why not utilize the expertise of principals and central office administrators to pitch in and teach a class?

Gloom and doom

It’s sad to watch this grand old republic being dragged down into the dregs of communism, and the American people just have to sit back and watch it happen because there’s nothing we can do about it. Abuse of power is running rampant; they just point their finger in your face and laugh. And we’re all here going, “We’re doomed.”

Free day care

In the second phase of this spending spree that’s going to be voted on next is free day care. Day care was always one of the biggest expenses in our household when our kids were growing up. Just you wait until all the lazy people out there figure out they won’t even have to pay for day care. It’s going to be free in this new bill, if it passes. You think there’s a shortage of workers now? Just wait until people hear that.

Conversion therapy

Did you know the new laws barring conversion therapy make it so parents can’t even try to get their kids counseling, to see if they’re even gay in the first place?

Editor’s note: If they want to know, couldn’t they just ask?

Stay home

The main lesson from the Kyle Rittenhouse case is this: Stay home from a riot.

Seeing red

We are now living in a communist state. We have the government using federal police — the FBI — to keep files on parents who are upset about school boards who want to teach racism, or critical race theory.

Gun emergency

You people do realize what the next mandate from the Marxist running our White House will be, don’t you? They will call gun violence an epidemic, a medical epidemic. And therefore, under the rules of medical emergencies, they can remove all of our firearms.

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well... Biden pardoned a couple turkeys.. but being senile, he forgot too pardon the biggest turkey.. HIMSELF


33/42 comments and he’s worried that Content only has one friend. Hahahahahahaha

.. the dumb and even dumber never cease to exist


Yep. You’re proof positive. Posting stuff nobody cares about then answering your own posts. Pathetic.

just like your posts.. supreme ignorance huh.. poor AJ.. nobody cares

go snooze more... you truly need it

I revel in happiness when i can make you malcontents cry

nah, I only worry bout me.. I tried to decide who was the biggest loser 'tween you, munchgirl, and Content.. but munchgirl refuses to give up the trophy...

Hunter Biden's Firm Helped Secure Cobalt for the Chinese

Comment deleted.

rioters, arsonists, looters, thugs....

Gosh, this is fun, riling up the malcontents of society...

These numb and dumb Dems just can't keep up with me .. I might run for President in 2024, and then.. oh my, the vast list of Dem mistakes I would correct... be an authoritarian.....HAHA

illegals, then maybe DACA'S, then disobedient Dems...

oh yeah.. outlaw the Democrat party entirely...

OH .. and I'D hafta stop these student loans which never get repaid,,, and fix the homeless situation by anointing Content as homeless czar..

I like it.. When the Republicans retake the House next November... laugh at Pelosi handing the gavel to Trump, as speaker. In case you didn't know, the Speaker does NOT hafta be a member of the House.. HAHA

SO.. if Biden and Harris quit... oh gosh.. Trump would be the President as third in the line of succession... oh my, what a blast that would be lmao

We should seize this opportunity to challenge the past century of auto-oriented planning and emphasize walking, cycling, and transit use over driving. Not only would people's quality of life improve, but if we're serious about taking on the climate crisis, we need to significantly reduce the number of cars and SUVs on the road — regardless of what powers them.

I Agree, but try telling that to your ignorant Do-Nothing Trump Party friends.

umm it's the DumboRATS pushing this climate change thing...

Yet while health effects are important, the biggest concern is the minerals that are required to make the batteries that power electric vehicles and the mining that has to happen to extract them. It's a reality that seriously dirties their green image, and shows the "zero emissions" branding simply isn't accurate.

Currently.. NOT a history lesson.. The Biden administration has been far more left-wing than Biden's own political history would have led most people to expect, reflecting the increasingly leftward tilt of the country on economic matters. And even as the administration's popularity has plummeted, his signature economic initiatives — the infrastructure bill and the Build Back Better bill on climate change and social welfare — retain more than majority support. But the party itself is as unpopular as it has been in over forty years at this point in a presidential term.

It appears that Joe Biden will accomplish more in his first year in office than any other president in our lifetimes. Massive vaccine rollout. Huge job growth numbers. A stock market that’s up 40% in a year. Huge improvements in infrastructure and many more things that improve the lives of the everyday American people.

WRONG in so many ways.. the stock market has been on the increase for many many years.. vaccine rollouts was a must-do effort started by Trump... job growth is primarily due the cutoff of stimulus "free" money.. nothing has been done on infrastructure and won't be for a year or two, only a bill was passed in fact by Republicans regardless of progressives attempt to kill it... improving lives... not yet and may not pass .. Biden has really done NOTHING but talk. Zip your trap cos you have no clue about anything.. just more DemoRAT rhetoric


Trump said he did things, Biden has actually done things.

I don’t remember your tempering of Trumps words when he claimed victory in how the market was doing.

yeh you don't remember very much huh

Telling you the facts sure gets you riled up zzsnot, more Democrats voted for infrastructure than Republicans so they don`t get credit for that idiot. Job growth is because more people are getting out plus higher wages nothing to do with free money, idiot. Yea the stock market started to increase in the Obama years, idiot. You have no clue idiot😀


My guess is that zz didn’t trumpet the record setting market during the Obama years.

umm Frederika.. 6 progressive Dems voted no... which would have killed the infrastructure bill.. but Republicans passed it, taking DumboRATS off the hook. AGAIN.. as always you will be WRONG.. idiot... look at the past 30-50 years Susie... O'Flubber had nothing to do with it, as did you. you lost your seat at the table !!

nope, I was smarter... real estate, not stocks

Oflubber was a joke too, just not as much as Dementia Joe

the word "free" sure turns you Demn addicts on ..

Biden will sign whatever bill Manchin gives to him.. if any... BELIEVE IT

more than any "appearing" Biden is a JOKE

The average stock market return is about 10% per year for nearly the last century.

The benchmark for the U.S. stock market is up more than 22% for the year while the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Nasdaq Composite and Russell 2000 are all up at least 16%.

16.. or 22 percent.. NOT 40 Susie .. liar, liar, panties on fire


Yes harrah, and dong it all with little to no help from Republicans. The brave ones like Liz Cheney and 9 others want to avoid the pond scum like Marjorie Greene, Jordan, Cruze and and well, you know the top 12 list and then those weak others that just follow. Go Joe!

CHILD .. stop talking to your idiot puppet.. no damm common sense at all.. just like yesterday, you cannot read,, you posted on an October board. DUMB hahahaha


These are JFK's last words, written for end of speech he planned to give at Austin, Texas, banquet on the evening of November 22nd 1963:


Neither the fanatics or the faint-hearted are needed. And our duty as a party is not to our party alone, but to the nation, and, indeed, to all mankind. Our duty is not merely the preservation of political power but the preservation of peace and freedom.

So let us not be petty when our cause is so great. Let us not quarrel amongst ourselves when our Nations future is at stake.


Irony is that, so far, Biden has accomplished a lot of what MAGA claimed to want: “Pull our troops out of Afghanistan & invest here at home.”

That was the populist mantra. The difference is Biden got it done. At the macro level, it’s hard to understand why MAGA is so upset.


aj0201 - You are right of course. Trumpers are simply angry people. Like Trump, and family, who you would think with all their money would be the happiest people...but they are not. Living proof that money doesn't buy happiness...Trump is the most miserable SOB on earth. Thanks for pointing out the irony.

aj.. your only friend in the world lmao

Biden pulled troops pout... got like 13 killed, world agrees his withdrawal was chaotic and stupidly planned


It was ruled an accident...and 13 compared to the hundreds of thousands under Trump's watch is a big win for Biden. And Biden had the courage to end the war unlike Mr. bone spurs.

Biden set a date.. a firm date.. regardless of after effects... stupid and chaotic as said by the entire world. Biden is a JOKE

an accident... you have lost your mind, boy

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