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Doesn’t make sense

Here’s something that might wake some of you up. The president of the United States is about to pay out up to $450,000 per person to anyone who crossed our border illegally and was separated from their kid. That’s more money than a fallen soldier’s family receives.

Show an ID

Voters Rights Act. What is that? Every American citizen in this country has the right to vote. Show your ID, who you are and you live there, then you have the right to vote. That’s the right. There’s nothing to it. If you don’t have an ID, you can’t vote. It’s as simple as that.

Works of art

I have the perfect solution to pay these illegals that they want to give half a million dollars to. Why not just give them one of Hunter Biden’s paintings, since they’re so valuable?

Pipeline politics

I find it insulting that Jennifer Granholm, the Energy Secretary, laughed and said “would that I had a magic wand to fix this energy crisis and the prices going up.” You do. It’s called opening the pipeline.

Survival mode

If some of you people in It’s your call have figured out how to survive the next three years under the Biden administration, put your ideas out there. All of us could use some ideas about to survive.

Defunding parents

Instead of defunding the police, why don’t we defund the parents of these young criminals who are raised with no structure, no curfew, and obviously no role modeling the proper behavior? Get off the perpetual victim soapbox and get to work.

Nothing for Missouri

About the infrastructure bill, I don’t think Missouri should take any of that money. Our Congressman Sam Graves voted against it. Why should we get anything? Maybe he thinks he’ll have to pay more taxes. He didn’t vote against the bill when Trump gave the millionaires and billionaires a tax break.

Long winter

It’s OK with Biden if he OKs that Russian pipeline going to Europe. He shut down our pipeline, and now he’s talking about shutting down another big pipeline. Folks, it’s going to be a long, cold, hard winter.

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Republican Congressman Anthony Gonzalez rips into his party's leader saying Trump "led us into a ditch on January 6" and condemns him for lying to the GOP, says Trump is "a person who shouldn't be able to hold office again.

The inflation report was bad enough to make President Joe Biden change his tone. Instead of repeating the outlook that inflation will soon fade, the president said in a Wednesday speech the White House is prioritizing "getting prices down" and regarding inflation as "one of the most pressing economic concerns of the American people."

Americans are growing impatient with the Biden administration's inflation playbook. Consumer sentiment plunged to a decade low in November due to surging inflation and pessimism around the government's policy approach, according to the University of Michigan's Surveys of Consumers.

Seems a large number of Americans have come to believe Freedom means do as they please. This is encouraged by ambitious, unethical politicians seeking power. Freedom has never, nor does it now mean do as you want. You can jump off that propaganda donkey now.

Across the country parents are storming school board meetings demanding a change in the curriculum and an end to indoctrinating children. We spend more per pupil on education than most countries, yet our children are falling behind other developed nations in literacy, math and science proficiency. There are only so many hours in the classroom day and we’d like to see more time spent on education like reading, writing and arithmetic — and less time on things like racial equity and gender preferences.

Sen. Joe Manchin is the only Democrat in Congress willing to call a House bill that would provide paid family and medical leave along with other new social programs and tax increases a “shell game” and a “budget gimmick.” That is because the social programs would expire in two or three years in order to reduce the projected costs from $4 trillion to somewhere around $1.85 trillion.

Of course, we all know that members of Congress whose primary goal is re-election will choose to continue those programs rather than let them expire. Thus, the real cost is trillions more. As Manchin warns, “This is a recipe for economic crisis.”

This is all Joe Biden’s fault

Reasons for President Joe Biden’s low job approval ratings: Things are going badly in America. He said inflation is temporary, and it’s not. He said high numbers of illegal immigration were seasonal, and they’re not. He said he’d bring home all Americans from Afghanistan, and he didn’t. We have port and border crises. He shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, then asked OPEC to pump more oil. Unbelievable.

We need to drill more oil in the US

President Joe Biden seems intent on choking off domestic oil production. Foreign oil is transported via huge oil tankers that burn tons of fossil fuel. How is this ecologically friendly?

Pipelines provide direct transport from domestic production with minimal environmental impact and help maintain energy independence. They help keep prices down. Escalating fuel costs penalize the middle class most.

And the push for electric vehicles assumes that they will be available at a price middle-class people can afford. The average new electric car costs more than a gasoline-powered vehicle, not to mention the expense of eventually replacing the batteries.

Democrats are running around spouting "they" got they infrastructure bill passed,, THEY DIDN'T.. 6 Dems voted against it which would have killed the bill... 13 Republicans voted for it.. Republicans passed that bill !!!

NEW YORK (Reuters) -Summer Zervos, a former contestant on "The Apprentice" who accused Donald Trump of sexual assault, on Friday ended her nearly five-year-old defamation lawsuit against the former U.S. president, without receiving an apology or compensation. .. happy to oblige Content...

“No SALT, no deal.” Multiple studies have found that the benefits of repealing the cap would almost exclusively go to the richest Americans. According to one analysis, the top 0.1 percent of earners would get an average tax cut of more than $150,000, while middle-income households would save about $37.

Democrats are still primed to get trounced in the midterms

“Early legislative victories can help a president’s reelection bid but won’t necessarily forestall midterm-election losses. All of which suggests a Democratic midterm wipeout is almost unavoidable.” — Peter Nicholas, The Atlantic


Missouri Western puts mandatory mask mandate in force. St. Joseph has only 36% vaccinated and the numbers are back on the rise with infection and hospitalization. How long will it take our inept city council to do the same. Just one more reason people commute from KC to work here but will not live in such a fickle city with poor leadership. At least the new President of Missouri Western has done the right thing. St. Joseph merchants should mask up on their own and put the mask required sign on their doors if they want shoppers to shop St. Joe.

Note to big box stores.. the holidays are coming, INSIST on masking !!!




Agreed. 100%

When President Biden signs the infrastructure bill into law on Monday, it will be pitched to the public as a bipartisan accomplishment. In fact, the bill is probably the dying gasp of cross-party cooperation for the foreseeable future.


No doubt. But he did get done what Trump couldn’t. Remember infrastructure was a Trump promise. Never delivered.

shame the infrastructure bill took so long.. I agreed with most of it

note: Trump was blocked by Democrats, don't forget that

In the first two years of Trump's presidency, when his party controlled the House and Senate — by larger margins than Democrats enjoy now — the GOP focused its energies on unnecessary tax breaks and a hapless health care crusade that ultimately failed. After the 2018 midterm election cycle, which left the House in Democratic hands, there were still hopes that an infrastructure deal was possible, and Democratic leaders were prepared to make it happen. But as you may recall, the TFG decided to attach some strings. In May 2019, however, according to Trump's own version of events, the Republican presented Democrats with an offer: The White House would work on infrastructure if Democrats agreed to stop investigating the TFG`s many scandals. Democratic leaders, naturally, said that wasn't an option — they added, of course, that Congress can legislate and conduct oversight at the same time — at which point Trump abandoned the process. The former president, we now know, failed twice — first when trying to pass his own infrastructure plan, and then again when trying to derail Biden's efforts. Trump, predictably, whined again over the weekend, denouncing the legislation he knows nothing about.


Trump was blocked by his own ineptness

The case for urgent action to address global warming is strong, but the political will is not.

Biden probably will not back away from the BBB legislation, even though he’s already got two legislative wins in the American Rescue Plan Congress passed in March and the infrastructure bill in November. That’s a pretty good record, but some Democrats and maybe Biden himself believe Americans want them to do so much more. THEY DON'T, but Democrats may only learn that the hard way, next November.

REALLY THEY DO! And hopefully we don`t put the Do-Nothing Trump Party back in..


If you watch HGTV too long, you’ll become dissatisfied with your home.

If you stay on social media too long, you’ll become dissatisfied with your life.

If you watch the news too long, you’ll become dissatisfied with the world.



Read any book.

Spend time with loved ones.

Take a walk.

Our minds are easily influenced, but we control what the influences are. Choose wisely.


Yeah. Let's open a pipeline that doesn't exist but for about 8% that wasn't shipping oil to be refined to gasoline for the US to fix gas prices right now. The logic, or lack of, with Trumpers is just hilarious. And saddening.

the price of gasoline is directly affected by the price of crude, and the desires of demand... interim processes are pretty much the same. Buy less, drive less...


No doubt. But not affected by incomplete pipelines. You gotta admit the Trump world is just sure the KXL cancellation is to blame.


Trumpers are just angry people. It is their nature. They don't even need a reason. Trump has been angry his whole life even with all the money he was born with and inherited/given by his father. Anger issues cannot always be resolved.

Of course they can.. the top dog is always right... I fire those who disagree with me. My way or the highway !!

Federal courts are not helping.. refusing to lift the stay on vaccine mandate of companies with 100+ employees...

Missouri Western has reinstituted the mask mandate ... We all knew this was coming due to the people who have the "right" to infect others .. Choose liberty over possible death, folks !!

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