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Cloud of doom

No matter how many records are erased, no matter how many dossiers are faked, history will not be kind to the Biden administration. Because fathers will tell their children, and their grandchildren, and their great-grandchildren of this awful time that we are going through.

Caps prove it

Critical race theory is in St. Joe, just look at the News-Press. The way they capitalize Black but not white. That is a sign of critical race theory.

Helping Democrats

The election in Virginia proves that Democrats need Trump more than Republican do. The GOP would be wise to cut TFG loose.

Turn it down

Since Sam Graves, Hawley and Blunt didn’t think the infrastructure bill was good for us, I hope Missouri leads the nation in turning that money back to the U.S. Treasury. And if we don’t, I hope they keep their faces out of all ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

Editor’s note: Sen. Roy Blunt voted for it.

High negatives

What Democrats don’t like to admit is that although Biden and Trump have similar approval numbers, Biden has much higher disapproval numbers than Trump ever did.

Making their mark

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are record-breakers. Biden for the highest inflation rate in 31 years, and Harris for the lowest approval rating of any vice president.

We all scream

I have always been told by my parents that our family is Democrats. After what I’ve seen in the past year or so, I don’t want anything to do with that. I feel every red-blooded American needs to get out into the public eye and scream at the top of their lungs, “We want Trump!”

Making millions

Is it true that individuals who are wrongfully incarcerated get paid a certain amount for every day they are held that they shouldn’t have been? If that’s the case, is Strickland going to become a millionaire?

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Republicans are banning and burning books and are openly calling for an end to freedom of religion. Every Republican should be asked about these anti-American beliefs and actions on every single show on which they appear.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -A U.S. appeals court on Friday tossed out greenhouse gas emissions rules for heavy-duty truck trailers, ruling two government agencies had exceeded their authority.

"Let's go Brandon"


Bannon INDICTED! More to come Mr. Meadows. And others who wish to ignore subpoenas. Trump is not worth dying on the hill you ignorant angry people.

indictment... so what.. max time is 1 year or 1k.. or less.. even if found guilty.. why you tards make such a fuss over it...

We want accountability for TFG

“This is just about punishment, so it’s still not going to result in him getting before that committee and that committee learning what he knows,” “If they want to do that, they’ve got to file a parallel civil suit, to get a court order compelling them to actually go testify.”

Anytime is a tough time to be president, but some presidents have been more up to it than others. It is becoming increasingly clear that Biden and Harris are not up to their jobs.

They are up to their jobs, but they have a lot to fix that TFG messed up . 295 days is not long enough to fix it.

A Google search of “Kamala Harris successes” turns up thin gruel. Most of her “accomplishments” have little to do with actual policy achievements and more to do with supposed achievements related to her race and gender. In her brief time in the Senate, Harris took what has turned out to be the wrong side in the false Russian “collusion” allegations against then-President Trump. She also treated Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh like an already convicted criminal. She sought less to discover information than to impose a pre-determined personal conclusion that he was unfit for the bench.

“Tuvalu is sinking,” Finance Minister Seve Paeniu proclaims of his island nation .. I'd suggest Biden take those 11,000 residents to his beachfront palace and allow them to check his ocean levels.. daily

Poor countries are poor for many reasons, none of which are the US taxpayers fault ... it is, what it is

GLASGOW, Scotland ... the biggest "show" on earth... many many talking heads, with no lasting results.. China and Russia were smarter and didn't waste their time attending

Rich nations should pay for Climate Damage in poor countries.... Are you kidding ?? Sounds like yet another Biden fiasco upcoming...taxpayers hold on to your monies, Biden is coming...

Leaders of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum on Friday failed to agree on President Joe Biden's offer to host the regional forum in 2023 after concerns raised by one member nation.

- New Mexico man arrested for allegedly concealing 67 illegal immigrants in a box truck

- Florida AG slams Biden admin for flying migrants to state: 'No regard' for law-abiding citizens

- Tom Homan sounds alarm on vaccine mandates: 'Devastating to border security'

- Obama ethics chief troubled by Biden WH staff 'revolving door from influence-peddling operations'

Provisions included in a draft version of President Biden’s social spending bill would violate his pledge that tax hikes will affect only those Americans earning $400,000 or more per year, according to an analysis released Thursday by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.

"Taking into account all major tax provisions, roughly 20 percent to 30 percent of middle-income households would pay more in taxes in 2022," according to the Tax Policy Center.

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin said on Thursday he opposes a proposal in President Joe Biden's $1.75 trillion social spending and climate legislation that would give union-made U.S. electric vehicles a $4,500 tax incentive. Joe Manchin for President !!

ok.... lemme hunt for more Biden "stupid" news, which comforts the Biden hugger leftists....


We all scream - - You and those like you are the very reason St. Joseph is deteriorating, won't get vaccinated, continue to push the BIG LIE, and hurt business in this city. Upon the demise of Trump as President who LOST by a landslide, the country celebrated...the same will happen upon his demise and burial...and we know where he is will be very hot and Satan is waiting patiently.

Satan has nothing to do with anything.. Satan doesn't exist.. unfortunately St Joe is slowly going down the toilet


You're right, Trump is Satan.

very few share your distorted beliefs


Maybe on this right wing board...but the millions of people that voted Trump Out of Office share my beliefs and then some.

lmao .. millions are gonna vote Dementia Biden out too

so.. that means if Trump runs again in 2024 you will vote for him ???

those millions of Biden voters are regretting their choice too.. Biden approval is LOW LOW 38 percent


Wow...slime ball Trump must be really scared of the January 6th reports that he doesn't want released. It's because he is the #1 insurrectionist that got people killed and injured along with the anti-American attack on our Capital.

By the way, keep up the hard but necessary work President Joe Biden on getting this great nation back to the pre-Trump days. Often times the cure is harder than the this case, Trump being the disease.

and Biden got 13 American soldiers killed with his horribly mismanaged Afghanistan pullout... AND still Americans left there... ineptness fully at work with Biden


Trump responsible for thousands of American deaths. Ignored, played down, drug feet, and said drink Clorox for about ineptness. What happened in Afghanistan has been ruled an accident. Trump has been ruled insane.

wrong.. King Biden set a date, and all be damned.. he wasn't gonna let experienced military change his views, no matter how many soldiers got killed in the process.. Worldwide, everyone agrees Biden bungled the withdrawal..

i'd bet you were ruled that also..

"ruled"?? only by you malcontents.

Biden doesn't need a ruling.. he appears insane daily


If you watch HGTV too long, you’ll become dissatisfied with your home.

If you stay on social media too long, you’ll become dissatisfied with your life.

If you watch the news too long, you’ll become dissatisfied with the world.



Read any book.

Spend time with loved ones.

Take a walk.

Our minds are easily influenced, but we control what the influences are. Choose wisely.

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