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Great potential

We have to have things for everybody. Fishing tournament was for only people who had boats. The RV park will be only people who have RVs. Let’s have something for everybody like Lake Contrary and build it up. We could have a nice lake down there.

Have cord, will travel

President Biden before he was elected, he swore that he would get rid of fossil fuels, so he’s been working on that. Now to begin this year he said there was a shortage of truck drivers to haul fuel. They found out that’s a lie. The next thing you know he’s going to say there’s a shortage of crude oil and the world is running out. But I’d like to know if he’s on the airplane with a long extension cord or what.

Under threat

The people with assault weapons are killing people in schools, churches, synagogues. Anywhere you go, you’re under threat of being shot by somebody with an assault weapon they buy without a background check. The Republican conservatives will not do anything to stop people from buying these war-like weapons and killing people.

Worth the money?

People are getting killed in churches, stores, schools. I want to know when the Republicans are going to vote on a bill for background checks. The Democrats put many bills out for the background checks on guns and they would not vote for them, even AR-15 rifles. I think enough kids has been killed. I know the NRA gives the Republicans a lot of money, but is money worth all of our kids getting killed? I don’t think so.

Georgia on his mind

This is about living in St. Joe. I work with the man that that just came up here from Atlanta, Georgia. He and his wife is turning around and going back to Atlanta, Georgia. They said there is absolutely no way they’re staying here in St. Joe. They said they’ve never lived in a town that you have to pay to use the sewer pipes that were put here long before you was even born. He said of these sewer bills, he said, ‘I’ve never seen anything like this.’ Never in all the places he lived.

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Georgia on his mind.....too bad these false information calls aren't fact checked. Atlanta sewer rates are actually much higher than St. Joe.


Newspress/IYC loves to stir with false information.


No facts necessary, just say what makes you feel better.


Worth the money…just think if as many soldiers had been killed in the last 20 years as children have been…our defense budget would’ve skyrocketed if that had happened. We’d still be in Afghanistan. We’d likely still be in Iraq, seeking vengeance. Imagine if cops were killed at the same rate as kids? What erosions of our rights would we see? More no knock warrants. More stop and frisk. More illegal detainments.

Comment deleted.

Meanwhile back at the back at the beach...Biden gives last minute recognition of D-Day, babies are going hungry, inflation is soaring, gas and food prices reach new highs, border crossings are rapidly increasing. Biden has the lowest approval rating of all presidents since Truman and the only thing the dems can talk about is Jan 6. What a joke they are!

Well are the Do-Nothing Republicans doing anything to help? That`s a big fat NO! Republicans would rather whine than help Americans with real problems. Republicans are preoccupied with creating smoke where there is no fire. They whine about the border wall, wolves stalking our mountains, gays, trans, antifa, and socialists behind every tree, they are ignoring real problems that affect the day to day lives of Americans. Republicans are taking books out of local libraries, telling school boards what to teach in history class, arguing about masks, and promoting myths about election fraud. Your Trumputin party may have a come-back in the fall but people can`t be that stupid> Just look at the facts.


Your pearl clutching is fine but you can’t point to a single policy of Joes that led to the things you complain about. Meanwhile, you excuse a direct attack on our democratic way of life. You scoff at the tradition of a peaceful transfer of power. You desire a dictator (hint, it’s why you blame Joe for things that are beyond his control).


Truman turned out to be a great president.


Well said harrah...common sense is not a gift, it is a punishment. Because you have to deal with everyone who does not have it.


Under threat…they’re more interested in door control laws than gun control laws.

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