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Those days

I was looking at my calendar, and do you know that this time last year, oil was $58 a barrel? Do you know what gas cost then? It was $1.95. Beat that, Joe Biden.

Blinded by science

When science gets to the point that it can’t be questioned, it’s not science anymore; it’s propaganda.

Sticker shock

I would like to agree with “Out of control.” The government doesn’t have control over our gas prices, but Joe Biden closing down the pipelines caused our gas prices to rise overnight. My propane bill doubled this year. So yes, we can thank him for that.

Price of freedom

This week I started weekly COVID testing with my employer for those people who are not vaccinated. Well, last time I checked, we got just as many people sick with omicron or COVID that have been fully vaccinated as people who haven’t, but we’re only gonna make unvaccinated people test. That makes real good sense, doesn’t it?

Channel surfing

Please put the Wednesday’s TV guide along with the Tuesday paper. Make it a little easier for those of us who are not computer literate. Thank you.

Trump again?

Last fall, this newspaper made the case that the country would be better off with four more years of Donald Trump as president. What will this paper do if the Republican Party nominates him again? Another endorsement? After all, they did say, we know what to expect with Trump.

Get to school

What does it say about a community in which the school district has to create incentives to get children back in school? As usual, the blame game will begin with fingers pointed at the school district by parents, and at the parents by the school district. The community at large will shake their heads and point their fingers at both, and as usual the children will suffer.

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Crept into Tucker and also Hannity last night for a brief take on how they were going to torture the truth about last Jan 6.

Tucker used a honed Republican and Trump tactic....create doubt. Just who was that guy way up there in the tower with a megaphone urging the patriots to push forward? Who was he and why hasn’t he been arrested? And then Tucker had some strange bozo on, who looked like he had just come from wrestling a bear after guzzling down a quart of his favorite booze....who “expertized” the doubt that old Tucker boy had just created....that that guy with the megaphone had to be from Antifa, who took advantage of all those joyous Christian soldiers.

Give me a break!!

And then Hannity did his part, as clean up hitter, to downplay the attack by accusing the Democrats of comparing the attack to Auschwitz.

Fox entertainers, the Republican Party and their nutty expresident are experts at creating doubt.....spin, spin spin....dilute, dilute, create their vertiginous version of the news.


Trump again? -- So here we the one year anniversary of the Republican led subversion of our democracy ...the anniversary which in reality shines the light on the populist ignorance of ultra right extremism that begets unbridled nationalism and its kissing cousin, authoritarianism.

And, of course, at the dead center of this country’s plunge into hard right extremism is a half-baked narcissistic inflammatory nut, who indulges in crackpot rhetoric that is cheered on by his half-witted worshippers.

He incited them. He coached them.....for four looooong years. And his party has full throatily supported him while doing everything they can do to make this a one party nation whose allegiance is to unfettered capitalism.

That combination would be lethal.


And let’s not forget that his claims of rigged elections go back to 2016. He claimed 3-5 million illegal votes were cast without a scared of evidence. Low information, poorly educated cult members started buying the lie then.


Blinded by science…question all you want. But the proper way to question science is with more science, not talk show hosts and internet memes.

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