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Recycling needs to be addressed

I want to address the issue of no curbside recycling here in St. Joseph. I know there’s arguments that it would put the small trash haulers out of business, but all they’d have to do is start hauling the recyclables. This is a town that is going to dry up and blow away unless we get some progressive people in here to take care of the city, to take care of the people and to take care of the environment.

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An additional struggle….Don’t watch communists news outlets and you won’t need to worry about Republicans. I’d be more concerned about Biden selling us out to the WEF who want a digital economy . You won’t have your SS then.


Recycling…..Progressivism is communism but than many in this area are on board with that.


Bet you look under your bed every night for that boogie man!


More irresponsible betting like you did last week??? Maybe it's time to see a counselor?

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