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Root of the problem

Most of the crimes in St. Joe and elsewhere in America are drug related. Why don’t the powers that be use and expand the drug court system? Target high crime areas, hire more police and punish and incarcerate the offenders. Don’t let the excuses of cost, jail space and paperwork prevent lowering crime. Sometimes money spent up front saves money on the back end.

Then and now

There was an interesting article that property taxes exceeded $100 million in Buchanan County. Why doesn’t the article print and tell us what they were last year? I believe most people would be interested in knowing how much they went up.

Editor’s note: The Buchanan County Collector’s Office said the amount for 2020 was $97.5 million. That’s an increase of 2% from 2020 to 2021.

Big increase

I was listening to the news, and it says we have a 1,000% percent increase of fentanyl coming across our border. So if you voted for this administration, make sure you understand that fentanyl is killing kids. It is killing young people. Make sure you’re OK with that 1,000% increase.

Clean up Downtown

I used to feel sorry for some of the homeless people in St. Joe, and I still do, but now if you walk around Downtown, you’ll see sleeping bags, blankets, clothes, boxes of food that these people just throw down and walk away and leave. These people have it so horrible, and yet they will just leave personal items and everything else all over Downtown. Which brings up a different issue: If the city is so concerned with cleaning up St. Joe, why don’t they clean up Downtown? They’re never going to rebuild Downtown if they don’t clean it up.

Up and down

I saw in that one call about Black Lives Matter how you put Black and white right next to each other and capitalized Black but not white. That is racism. Wow.

No longer dreaming

The governor of California has his budget proposal ready, and it includes $2.2 billion a year to cover illegal immigrants’ health care. Gee, I can’t imagine why anyone is fleeing California.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has made me realize how many INCREDIBLY SELFISH people there are in this country.


Up and down....and out? This has to have been one of the worst weeks in U.S. history for the President, his administration and the ultra-left Democrat Congressional agenda. (1) Vax Mandate on Employers, SCOTUS says no way. (2) Eliminate Senate filibuster rule, Democrat Senator Sinema nixes that idea. (3) So-called Voting Rights Act, Democrat Senator Manchin nips that one in the bud. (4) Build Back Better scheme, can't get a majority vote in Democrat-controlled Senate. (5) COVID policy results in 400% increase in new infections. (6) VP Harris response to COVID surge: "It is time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is every day." But, Kamala, it ain't workin'. (7) COVID team says masks don't help. Biden's answer is to mail masks to all Americans next week. Duh! (8) Biden's job approval rating drops to 33% for adults surveyed, independent voters give him a 25% approval rating and even 14% of Democrat voters disapprove of his lackluster performance. A survey in these parts would probably find Biden about as popular as the hapless MIZZOU basketball coach.


Still 100% better than the last four years of the last president.

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