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The debate over student loan forgiveness revolves around fairness. Is it fair to those who didn’t go to college, or to those who repaid their loans, to wipe away all or some of the $1.6 trillion in debt?

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Andy Clements worked 27 years for the city of St. Joseph, including the last four and a half as the director of public works.

Think about watching the blood moon move through the sky ever so slowly the other night. Then, slow it down by weeks and months and you’ve got a sense of the glacial pace of neighborhood redevelopment in St. Joseph.

The onset of summer means new adventures for recent graduates. For many, it is a step into the so-called “real world” of seeking full-time employment and establishing a more permanent residence.

It’s impossible to know whether people in St. Joseph complain more than folks who live in other cities.

David Foster, the new president of the St. Joseph Board of Education, visited the newsroom the other day to talk about the board’s new spirit of openness and transparency.

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In the past, it was easy to view crack as an inner-city problem, meth as a redneck problem and cocaine as the drug of choice for Wall Street types. It wasn’t necessarily fair or accurate, but in the public mind this kind of thinking erected a wall between addicts and polite society.

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St. Joseph set a new record over the weekend, but it’s not exactly cause for celebration.

Normally, any move to increase the supply of renewable fuel should draw widespread praise. Even more so if this measure saves the average consumer $9 a month and reduces dependency on oil exports that finance Russia’s war of brutality in Ukraine.

The graduating students at Northwest Missouri State and Missouri Western State universities have overcome tremendous obstacles to walk the aisle and receive their degrees.

The latest update from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers shows excess water might not be an issue this year along the Missouri River.

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When the first whiff of inflation entered our collective nostrils, it was easy to brush it all off as a fluke or a blip.