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One of the last major decisions of the previous City Council was the approval of a tax reimbursement and development agreement for a Downtown hotel.

Recently, two regional universities hosted speakers who emphasized the importance of free speech. These speakers rightly warned of the dangers of limiting free speech, especially on university campuses.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Looking back more than 2,000 years, we understand that the Colosseum, the roads and aqueducts, the cultural achievements and the system of government didn’t happen overnight.

If this is indeed the end for HPI Products, it’s hard to imagine many people or entities shedding a tear.

Shortly after St. Joseph police began a protest of salaries and staffing levels, City Hall released a statement that received plenty of pushback.

Anyone with a long enough memory should view Wednesday’s interest rate increase the way a sailor sees a rapidly falling barometer.

All major-party candidates do Missourians a disservice when they fail to show at public debates and candidate forums.

Monday marked the beginning of a 50-day sprint to the general election, a milestone that fuels speculation about whether Democrats or Republicans will win control of Congress.

Maybe President Joe Biden forgot that he was commander in chief when he authorized $10,000 in student loan forgiveness.

Missouri Western State University has taken its share of lumps over the years with budget reductions, program cuts and all of the COVID complications. So last week, you had to feel for the leadership of MWSU.

In recent closed meetings, the St. Joseph City Council has discussed important issues and at times made key decisions affecting St. Joseph. Since last April, the new mayor and council have had nine such meetings, including eight in the last month.

It was no accident that President Joe Biden chose Boston as the setting and Sept. 12 as the date for a speech outlining the ambitious goal of ending cancer “as we know it” in a quarter century.