The COVID-19 pandemic acted like a torpedo fired into the side of the economy, a jolt that was unprecedented in speed and severity.

The food service industry, including restaurants, entered 2020 with a national unemployment rate of 6.2%. That was slightly higher than the U.S. average but not a concern given the natural churn that occurs in this particular occupation.

Health is a basic human right. Unlike an abstract concept like freedom, however, the delivery of health care is a maddeningly complex and expensive undertaking.

Let’s make one thing clear. Social media comments are not an accurate reflection of community sentiment. Plenty of people didn’t take to Facebook, hit the all-caps button and fire away after the St. Joseph School District disclosed the American Family Insurance building as a possible locatio…

Ed Wexler draws cartoons that depict former President Donald Trump replacing his brain with the letter “Q,” spelling out the word “loser” with his body and throwing a toddler tantrum after the 2020 election.

All parents are familiar with the tried and true response for an exasperating, pestering child who wants to know why the answer is no.

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Student loan forgiveness might be to the progressive movement what supply-side economics is to conservatives. Both started out with fairly narrow followings — economist Arthur Laffer sketched out his first supply-side curve on a cocktail napkin in 1974. Both became elixirs for all that’s wro…