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CHICAGO, June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The consumer watchdog group Citizens Utility Board (CUB) on Thursday alerted consumers about a change in summer electricity supply rates for Ameren Illinois and ComEd customers.

As of June 1, the utilities have changed their "price to compare"—the rate customers should compare to alternative supplier offers. It is important that consumers know the price for electricity to protect themselves from bad deals being peddled by alternative power suppliers. Illinois consumers have lost more than $1 billion to these suppliers since 2015. Under these market conditions, it is likely that your best bet is to stick with your utility.

New Ameren Supply Rate:

June – September 2021

4.821 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh)*

*This rate includes Ameren's supply price, a transmission charge and a supply cost adjustment.

New ComEd Supply Rate:

June – September 2021

6.776 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh)*

*This rate includes ComEd's supply price plus a transmission charge.

These utilities serve customers living in set geographic territories: ComEd covers the northern third of Illinois, roughly; and Ameren the southern two-thirds of the state. Their prices differ because the supply rates are set by different energy markets with different rules. People living in ComEd territory cannot switch to Ameren, and people living in Ameren territory cannot switch to ComEd.

CUB is Illinois' leading nonprofit utility watchdog. Created by the Illinois Legislature, CUB opened its doors in 1984 to represent the interests of residential and small-business utility customers. Since then, it has saved consumers more than $20 billion by helping block rate hikes, secure refunds, and fight for clean, low-cost energy. For more information, call CUB's Consumer Hotline, 1-800-669-5556, or visit its award-winning website,

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