We track storms.

The Storm Tracker Weather Team uses the Baron Lynx weather system, which offers offers a significant advantage over other weather systems in the market because it uses a patented detection technique for tracking storms. This means your Storm Tracker weather team will have detailed information about a storm faster and a better idea of a storm's tendencies before, in some cases, a watch or warning is issued. With this kind of advanced information, it will give you more time to take action to stay safe, with a longer lead time.

Storm Tracker also uses severe weather software to indicate areas of rotating winds within the storm. This software will show 2-D and 3-D icons on the screen to let people know there are strong circling winds of 57 mph or greater in a storm. It’s a simple visual cue that highlights the location of rotation which could be an area of potential danger for Storm Tracker viewers. We're not stingy with the radar technology either - downloading the Storm Tracker App. can give you access to notifications about rotating storms near you.

Knowing what to do during an emergency is an important part of being prepared and may make all the difference when seconds count.

You need to be prepared before and after the storm

The American Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency offer tips about storm safety and what you should have in your first aid and emergency kits. One thing every house should have is a NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards. The National Weather Service continuously broadcasts warnings, watches, forecasts and other non-weather related hazard information on NOAA Weather Radio. The average range of the 1,000+ NOAA transmitters in the United States is 40 miles, depending on topography.

One of the best apps you can have is the Storm Tracker Weather App. You'll get all National Weather Service Watches and Warnings (or filter them), you can get notifications about rotating storms near you, and you can receive alerts directly from the Storm Tracker Weather Team too. You can also livestream any of our shows and even wall-to-wall severe coverage when available.

We track storms.

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