What is happening with News-Press Now?

  • We will make our website, newspressnow.com, and the content on our News-Press NOW app accessible to all readers with no subscription required. Unlimited access to content, 24/7, 365 days a year, makes way for thousands more people in our community to have access to the news most important to them. We have listened to community feedback and believe that there is an overwhelming desire for this change, and we are proud to be one of the first traditional, daily newspapers in the United States to provide this to their communities.
  • The St. Joseph News-Press will transition to a Monday through Friday publishing schedule with all five days being available in the eEdition (digital replica) format and a traditional, print newspaper being delivered via the United States Postal Service two days per week on Wednesday and Friday:
    • Wednesday: a free distribution, advertising-supported, 100% local content news product titled MidWeek, will be introduced and delivered to 41,000 households in St. Joseph and surrounding communities. MidWeek will carry the weekly advertising package and replaces the Save NOW shopper.
    • Friday: our weekly showcase edition, Weekender, will remain a subscriber-supported, local, regional, and national news product and will publish (and deliver) one day earlier to allow for a full weekend of leisure reading of long-form and investigative journalism, and a host of additional features exclusive to this edition.

Why is News-Press Now making another change to when and how it publishes the news?

The News-Press Now news team makes all decisions with one thing in mind, providing more access to more news for more people in our community. This goal hasn’t changed, it has simply evolved to meet the current needs of our audience. The new publishing schedule won’t limit your access to the news, it will exponentially increase it. Shifting to Wednesdays and Fridays for the St. Joseph News-Press allows us to continue providing the news and content that matters most to the communities we serve, while placing an emphasis on the future of news delivery.

How long will this change last and are there more changes coming?

These changes are considered permanent; however, our news team is committed to our readership and its needs. As those needs evolve, we will continue to evolve with them.

How do I get to the eEdition?

The eEdition can be enjoyed on devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops and can be accessed from any location where internet service is available. Please visit our website and choose the eEdition option. If you’re a subscriber and have not yet activated your account, please visit newspressnow.com/eEdition to begin enjoying the eEdition. You can also access the eEdition from the News-Press NOW mobile app, which is available for download from the Google Play or Apple stores.

I don’t have access to a digital device and/or don’t have internet. What about me?

It was a difficult decision to no longer publish a printed newspaper on certain days and understand that some might not have access to the internet or a connected device. You can still get our news on TV. Our newscasts are available locally via antennae, cable, and satellite providers.

Newscasts Times
Monday – Friday: 5:30 – 7 a.m. (NBC, FOX, CBS) 7 – 8:00 a.m. (FOX) 5 p.m. (NBC, CBS) 5:30 p.m. (FOX) 6 p.m. (NBC, CBS) 9 p.m. (FOX) 10 p.m. (NBC, CBS) Weekends: 5 p.m. (NBC, CBS) 9 p.m. (FOX) 10 p.m. (NBC, CBS)

NBC 21 KNPG - Over-the-air 21.1 • Suddenlink 2 • DirecTV 21 • Dish 41 • United Fiber 16
FOX 26 KNPN - Over-the-air 26.1 • Suddenlink 4 • DirecTV 26 • Dish 4 • United Fiber 4
CBS 30 KCJO - Over-the-air 26.2 & 30.1 • Suddenlink 5 • DirecTV 30 • Dish 5 • United Fiber 17
News-Press NOW - Over-the-air 26.3 • Suddenlink 3 • United Fiber 3

I wasn’t expecting these changes. Can I get a discount on my subscription?

As part of these changes, our rates will change. News-Press print subscribers will pay $10/month for home delivery of the Weekender print edition and unlimited access to the digital eEdition. Digital-only subscribers will pay $5/month for unlimited access to the digital eEdition.
Additionally, with our team’s commitment to delivering more news to more people, the paywall will be removed from our website. Everyone will be able to enjoy our content seven days a week, 365 days a year, at no cost, and the Wednesday MidWeek print edition will be mailed to 41,000 households without a subscription required.

I don’t think this is fair. I signed up for a newspaper every day.

We understand the importance of daily news access, which is why our new model focuses on delivering the news through a combination of print, digital and broadcast products. This allows us to provide news to more people every hour of every day. News-Press Now is evolving to meet the overwhelming desire for greater access to the news and we look forward to continuing to provide the news you want, when it happens, for many years to come. If you’d still like to discuss your account, please email us at customercare@newspressnow.com. Our Customer Care representatives will be in touch. You also may call (816) 271-8500, but please be patient. We expect call volumes to be high as readers adapt to this change.