The Deftones tribute band Defnotes will perform Friday at Cafe Acoustic Concert Hall.

A Deftones tribute from Des Moines, Iowa, doesn’t want to only play Deftones songs live. It wants to give fans the full experience.

“We want people to forget that they’re not seeing the real band. I want them to feel that. I want them to see (Deftones) as much as possible,” vocalist Dan Medeiros said.

Covering the Sacremento, California, hard rock band, from its debut album “Adrenaline” to its recent “Ohms,” Defnotes is a labor of love for followers of the band by talented super fans. The band will perform at 9 p.m. Friday at Cafe Acoustic Concert Hall, 1918 Frederick Ave.

Having fallen in love with the band from its start in the 1990s, Medeiros said his dream was to perform its songs live. After seeing a pitch-perfect Nirvana tribute band, as well as having a few drinks, he decided to go for it in 2018.

“I’m just like, ‘Screw it. I’m going to go to a Facebook classifieds musicians page, and I’m just going to throw it out there and see what happens,’” he said.

What happened was Medeiros discovered there were other Deftones die-hard musicians, like guitarist Spencer Ross, who were looking to watch audiences explode with excitement at the opening riff of “My Own Summer (Shove It)” and the drum beat of “Digital Bath.” From there, things clicked.

“We all spend hours and hours and hours of our day just studying the music, studying what they do ... We want to just fully encompass what Deftones do,” Medeiros said.

For the uninitiated, that means covering the wide mixture of genres that Deftones covers, from heavy metal to soft alternative with flourishes of funk and electronica. The tribute band dresses like the members, and Medeiros bears a striking resemblance to lead singer Chino Moreno.

“Everybody saw the resemblance. They’re like, ‘Oh my God, you look like Chino, and then you’re a musician and singer.’ So I started growing facial hair and dressing it up (like Chino) because I was like, ‘Well that’s a ... compliment for me for sure,’” he said.

The combination of recreating a Deftones live show, from the intricate, wild rhythms to the vocals to the stage presentation, has been a task. But it’s fun one to do in tribute to their favorite band. For Medeiros, one of the hardest parts is choosing his favorite song.

“I have so many favorites. I love their softer, beautiful stuff, like ‘Riviere’ off of ‘Saturday Night Wrist’ or ‘Sex Tape’ off of ‘Diamond Eyes.’ If I really want to get in the zone and groove, stuff like ‘Minerva’ or ‘Cherry Waves’ (is great). There’s so many,” he said.

Playing songs from the band’s entire discography, including some that have never been performed live by Deftones, Medeiros promises a show rivaling that of the band to which it’s paying tribute.

“We’re hoping to hit all those different notes that everybody wants to hear, all those different songs everybody wants to see performed live,” he said.

Admission to the show is $10 in advance. It is open to everyone 21 and older.

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