Mr. Diesel D

This photo shows Mr. Diesel D and Rossi 2 Cups. The two are set to collaborate on a new album titled ‘Bridging the Gap’.

Local hip-hop artist Mr. Diesel D won’t let anything stop him.

While working on two different projects, Mr. Diesel D, also known as Drew Watson, tested positive for COVID-19.

“It didn’t affect me like as far as my respiratory system and stuff. It was just a real, real bad flu and I couldn’t taste or smell for like a week,” he said.

One of the worst parts was being away from the studio while Watson quarantined. It’s a place where he finds his peace of mind and artistic freedom.

“I didn’t want to break (quarantine), so I just stay focused and have some music ready to go for when I felt well. I was gonna get back at it 100%,” he said.

The time is now for Watson as he prepares his first collaborative album with fellow rapper Rossi 2 Cups, called “Bridging The Gap,” and upcoming follow-up to his Rolling Stoners project with Joe Mizzery member Brandon Smith.

“I just love music. I love making it even more. I’m just inspired and I’m trying to get heard,” he said.

As far as Watson’s upcoming projects go, he’s excited for the world to hear his work with Rossi 2 Cups, a friend of his since they were young who he didn’t think to make an album with until 2020.

“We linked in the studio and said, ‘We should do a project again.’ The next week, we’re knocking song after song and lo and behold, we got a project within a short span of time,” he said.

The duo is preparing its first music video for the project, titled “Aspire” with director DaxDre. An album release is set for spring.

“We’re really looking to start pushing that, start promoting that. We’re hoping to do a show, but COVID keeps shutting things down,” he said.

While the Rolling Stoners released a series of loose singles in 2020, it’s getting ready for a full project in either the spring or summer. Watson said recently it recorded with the Nelly-approved, Topeka, Kansas, rapper T-Rell and is looking to push that.

Watson said the new material on both projects ranges from serious to goofy to braggadocious. It’s all a reflection on how his collaborators and he were feeling that day.

“(Rossi and I), we got another single called ‘Pain,’ just talking about the stuff we’re going through in our life, just the pain and trying to overcome that. And then we got another song called ‘John Madden,’ where it’s some fly talk, like ‘Give us some real game,’” he said, laughing.

One thing Watson is sure of is that he’ll be heard in 2021.

“I aspire to get better every day. This is what I live for so I just tried to stay active,” he said.

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