Parker Conroy

Park Conroy, 13, holds a 12-point buck he shot during the youth portion of the deer season on his family’s farm near St. Joseph.

A youth archery hunter harvested a 12-point buck near St. Joseph this month.

Parker Conroy, 13, bagged the large whitetail deer on Nov. 10 during bowhunting season. He downed the buck using a compound bow.

Conroy began to practice archery when he was 6 years old and has been bowhunting the past three years.

The buck is the first deer he harvested from a tree stand using the bow.

He first spotted the whitetail deer on a trail camera on his family’s farm in Buchanan County earlier this year. He watches the trail camera year-round with his father, Justin Conroy.

Justin Conroy said his son has been persistent and has been hunting four days a week since archery season opened.

“Archery is a good activity that brings him outdoors to enjoy nature even if he doesn’t harvest a deer,” Conroy said. “It’s a sport that helps to get kids active in the outdoors.”

A taxidermist will mount the trophy-sized antlers.

“Hunting is a good bonding experience for us,” Conroy said. “We have a blast checking trail cameras even when the hunting seasons are closed. We can see different wildlife species on our farm and in their natural habitat.”

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