Work is continuing at the River Bluffs Bike Trail Park with the spring and summer seasons quickly approaching.

“Construction has been going on since last fall and the contractors haven’t really had any problem creating the trails,” said Chuck Kempf, St. Joseph’s director of parks and recreation. “They have crushed down rock on the main track now.”

This makes it easier to work with Mother Nature, because even if it’s wet, the vehicles can push past on the compacted surfaces. Otherwise, mud may have slowed down work.

“People should know these are multi-use trails,” said Sean Cleary, Missouri Department of Conservation wildlife management biologist.

Four different trails are expected to be completed, ranging from directional beginner flow to cross-country tracks.

Issues in the area have been a lack of signage, parking and amenities which would make the River Bluffs Bike Trail a more desired attraction.

“We have given them a budget and it’s basically a use the money until it’s gone situation,” Kempf said. “There are amenities to take into consideration like signage, tables and benches that will be distributed throughout the system, but they’re pretty comfortable that they’ll have a significant system by the end.”

It will also be a family-friendly location with a new park, pedestrian bridge and crossing areas. Features like A-frames are being put in for the kids’ skill loop, as well.

“I’m confident that it is going to draw in many people to St. Joseph and increase overall tourism,” Kempf said. “I think there will be some new business spurred by these trails.”

Kempf said he wants to remind the public that the trails are still under construction and are closed at this time.

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