The Missouri Department of Conservation will host an Effective Wingshooting for the Hunter workshop at Pony Express Conservation Area near Maysville next month.

The Missouri Department of Conservation is hosting an Effective Wingshooting for the Hunter workshop at Pony Express Conservation Area near Maysville next month to aid bird hunters in honing their skills.

Tim Miller, conservation educator, said the goal of the clinic is to help hunters become more efficient at using nontoxic shot and to take fewer marginal shots. He said this can be achieved through shotgun practice and target distance estimation.

In addition, selecting the best ammunition and choke size for the target game bird and the hunting conditions can improve the trip.

The research presented during the workshop was collected by Tom Roster, a shotgun ammunition expert, to improve hunter success with nontoxic shot. Roster has created a chart that shows the most effective loads and barrel chokes for different sizes of waterfowl at various distances.

He said bird hunters with any preferred species are welcome to attend the workshop.

“The workshop will not only discuss waterfowl but other game birds as well,” Miller said. “The program will also include information for doves and upland birds like quail and pheasant.”

During the workshop, participants will learn the characteristics of using nontoxic shot and its benefits to the hunter.

Miller said the workshop will also have a demonstration on patterning. The clinic will also highlight game bird recovery strategies.

“The workshop can help hunters save money on expenses because the clinic teaches you how you can harvest the same amount of birds with fewer shells,” Miller said. “Some attendees may also find that a cheaper band of ammunition may pattern well.”

He said there are multiple conservation areas in the state that have adopted nontoxic shot only regulations when hunting with a shotgun including prime waterfowl hunting locations such as Bob Brown and Nodaway Valley Conservation Areas in Holt County.

The Effective Wingshooting for the Hunter workshop is free to attendees. The event is open to hunters ages 16 or over and participants are asked to bring a shotgun. The conservation department will provide targets and ammunition.

The workshop will take place from 9 a.m. to noon on August 24 at Pony Express Conservation Area near Maysville, Missouri.

Pre-registration is required by August 23. To register, visit https://huntfish.mdc.mo.gov/hunting-trapping/events or call Tim Miller at 816-271-3100.