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Grimm Bros. LLC is a family-owned operation in Morrill, Kansas, that raises game birds for hunting preserves and dog trainers.

Grimm Bros. LLC is a family-owned operation that raises game birds in Northeast Kansas.

Kent Grimm, owner, said the business on the farm in Morrill, Kansas, offers three bird species. Customers can purchase Chukar Partridge, Bobwhite Quail and Hungarian Partridge.

The birds are delivered to 10 states including Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Utah, Wyoming, Arkansas and Oklahoma. The majority of their birds go to hunting preserves, dog trainers and field trial events or hunt tests for dogs.

Grimm Bros. sells birds to local hunting preserves such as Cokeley Farm & Hunting Preserve in Delia, Kansas, along with Beede Outdoors in Unadilla, Nebraska.

Grimm is also a member of the North American Game Bird Association and the Kansas Shooting Sports Association.

He said Grimm Bros. started selling Hungarian Partridge last year after customers required the bird.

“Hungarian Partridges are particularly difficult birds to raise in captivity and there are about half a dozen people in the United States that do it commercially,” Grimm said. “We put in a laying flock this spring and are producing some of our own eggs and plan to increase the number.”

Grimm said the business began eight years ago with aid from his four sons.

“It started when my banker asked me to raise 100 Chukar Partridges,” Grimm said. “We were cattle farmers that had never worked with game birds before. My banker purchased 30 birds, so I put an ad on Craigslist and my phone rang off the hook for the other birds. That’s where it all started.”

He said the business now has grown to raise around 35,000 birds a year. Grimm Bros. works with a professional hatchery called The Double Barrel Game Farm in McCool Junction, Nebraska.

In addition, Grimm has a contract with a dog trainer to raise birds year-round.

The business is part of the National Poultry Improvement Plan, which allows birds to be tested for disease and to be permitted to move across state lines.

Grimm Bros. LLC is located at 5702 280th St. in Morrill, Kansas. The business can be contacted by phone at 785-547-6702 or email at

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