The Mustangs hosted the Sedalia Bombers Thursday night in what has become a Fourth of July tradition. Family and friends came out to Phil Welch Stadium to watch some baseball and stayed for the fireworks show after in celebration of America.

“There’s more people here than any other night except maybe opening night,” Mustangs catcher Jordan Maxson said. “It’s actually kind of cool with all the fireworks they have going on here. I have never seen anything like it. They get after it. It’s a very cool atmosphere.”

The Mustangs had activities and silent auctions all throughout the game, giving fans plenty to do while rooting on the home team. General Manager Ky Turner says the Mustangs are just trying to do their part in making a memorable evening.

“We just really appreciate those people who serve and protect our country,” Turner said. “With baseball being America’s game, this is really our chance to say thank you to those people that allow us to play that game. We appreciate the fact that there’s a lot bigger stuff than us out there, so we try to blend it all together and make it one fun evening.”

Some of the Mustangs players and coaches reflected on some of their favorite Fourth of July moments.

“I remember the feeling of family,” Turner said. “That’s what’s really neat for me now in my job, we’re providing those new memories for people that they can make together. So whether it’s coming here for the game or fireworks, you may not remember the specifics of it, but you remember being with your family.”

Head coach Johnny Coy loves the Fourth of July. Coy has had an opportunity to participate in this game as a player and as a coach.

wFor first baseman Karl Koerper, the festivities here are a little different than he is used to back in New Mexico.

“It’s definitely a big change coming from New Mexico to here where everyone is just absolutely crazy about it,” Koerper said. “We can’t even shoot off fireworks in parts of New Mexico because it could cause a fire. [In Missouri] everyone loves it and it’s a special experience.”

The Fourth of July is a special day for America, and the Mustangs are doing their part to give people a way to celebrate by coming to watch some baseball and staying for the fireworks.

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