The Mustangs took care of business with time to spare, securing one of their most complete wins of the season with a 15-0 obliteration of the A’s in seven innings on Wednesday at Clarinda Municipal Stadium.

Their 11th win in a row, the Mustangs (32-9, 26-7 MINK) are now six games ahead in the MINK Northwith just five games left to play in the regular season.

In contrast to their game against Clarinda (11-26, 8-26 MINK) the night before, Wednesday‘s road performance was not marred by a less than ideal showing on the mound. Quite the opposite, Mustangs pitcher Tom Beliveau threw one of the best games for a Mustangs pitcher all year.

Beliveau started just his second game, allowing only four hits and one walk while throwing for a staggering total of 12 strikeouts in the six and a half innings he played.

Mustangs batters on the other side of the plate also did their part.

They began modestly, but forecast the scoring effort to come. Second baseman Jackson Dierenfeldt hit a double in the first plate appearance of the game before being escorted home by Karl Koerper’s 2 RBI home run two at-bats later. It was Koerper’s 10th home run of the season, a team high.

With Beliveau muting Clarinda’s bats on defense, the Mustangs were aggressive on the bases and opportunistic against a mistake-prone A’s bullpen, happily taking the runs afforded to them by numerous walks and errors in the third inning.

By the time the third inning concluded, the Mustangs already led 8-0. But Clarinda’s nightmare was far from over.

in the fifth inning, the Mustangs took further advantage of an inexperienced A’s squad before outfielder Dylan Ketch’s two RBI double that put them ahead 11-0.

The following inning kept the onslaught coming and all but confirmed an imminent mercy rule victory, highlighted by consecutive doubles from Dierenfeldt and outfielder Hampton Hudson to drive in three more runs, effectively completing their dominating performance.

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