Mustangs celebrate championship win

Mustangs manager Johnny Coy runs the Mel Eberly Trophy to his team following a 18-10 win over Ozark on Friday at Phil Welch Stadium.

The St. Joseph Mustangs set a new attendance record in addition to winning their sixth MINK League title.

The Mustangs, who won 14 straight games, set a record for per-game attendance, and ranked in the top 10 in attendance nationally.

More than 2,400 fans on average attended Phil Welch Stadium this year, breaking last year’s record by 23 fans per game. A total of 64,187 people saw games at Phil Welch Stadium this summer, ranking ninth nationally, according to Baseball Digest.

“The memories and relationships we’ve been able to form are what we cherish most,” general manager Ky Turner said. “Our staff, coaches, ownership, players, fans, sponsors, the City and Parks and Rec, they are all a part of this team and deserve equal recognition for these accomplishments.”

—From staff reports

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