The St. Joseph Mustangs will begin the MINK League Playoffs with a one-game set against Clarinda today.

On Tuesday morning, the St. Joseph Mustangs didn’t have the appearance of a team awaiting their playoff fate.

In fact, the five-time MINK League Champions were changing the appearance.

First-year manager Johnny Coy brought in a buddy of his to Phil Welch Stadium to give the Mustangs haircuts outside the clubhouse before a night of following along with a rival MINK League game on the internet.

“As the year went on, they’ve been more and more relaxed and know more and more what to expect,” Coy said of his team. “They’re not putting too much pressure on themselves like they were at the beginning of the year.”

The Mustangs awaited the outcome of a doubleheader between Clarinda and Chillicothe to find out the final seedings in the MINK North Division. With one win by Clarinda, the Mustangs would travel to Iowa for a one-game playoff with the A’s to face division winner Sedalia for a single game Thursday.

With a Mudcats sweep of the A’s, baseball would return to Phil Welch for one game with the Mustangs as the No. 2 seed. The Mudcats won Game 1, while Game 2 was not finished.

Regardless of location, the Mustangs have a steady frame of mind.

“We have the same mindset we have all year — just take it one game at a time,” Coy said. “We’re playing pretty well right now, won two out of our last three. None of that matters because we have an off day and have to reset, bring the energy (Wednesday).”

While St. Joe had the night off Tuesday, Clarinda heads into the playoffs after a beautiful weeklong stretch that includes doubleheaders on Monday and Tuesday.

Meanwhile, all that’s brewing for the Mustangs is excitement.

“It’s fun. I’m so excited. I wish we were playing (Tuesday),” Coy said. “We’ll go up there and play our best, then hopefully go to Sedalia on Thursday. If we play well there, we can move and hopefully get at least one more game in St. Joe.”

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