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The St. Joseph Mustangs started the week off with a strong win of 8-3 against the Sedalia Bombers on Monday night in Sedalia.

The game went to the bottom of the third before any runs made it on the board. The Bombers tallied two quick runs to begin the third inning.

The Mustangs quickly changed the pace of the game as they scored three runs at the top of the fourth. Jordan Maxson advanced home for St. Joe’s first run with Karl Koerper at bat. Terrence Spurlin was the next to advance to home to tie the game in the fourth. The final person to score in that inning was Koerper. By the end of the fourth, the Bombers saw the end of the Mustangs’ scoring streak as the game tied up at 3-3.

The Mustangs proceeded to score in the fifth inning with Jackson Dierenfeldt and Maxson both scoring. The Mustangs came back in the seventh inning with two more runs as Koerper advanced home and Drew Beazely hit a home run. As the game reached the ninth inning, Maxson scored one last time, putting the final score at 8-3.

Overall the team had eight runs, 11 hits, seven RBIs and one error. The next game for the Mustangs will be on Wednesday at home against the KC Monarchs.