The Kansas City Chiefs’ 2021 campaign hasn’t gotten off to the start that many expected, as they suffered their first loss of the season in just week two.

Despite some late, costly mistakes from the Chiefs, quarterback Patrick Mahomes says spirits are still high in the locker room.

“We lost to a really good football team and it was a really good football game, but it’s still a long season,” Mahomes said. “We got an AFC West opponent, a great football team coming into town, so you got to kind of turn the page and move on to the next opponent.”

The Chiefs now look ahead to the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, as KC looks to get back on track toward another Super Bowl run.

Looking back on Sunday’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens, Mahomes said the team is taking positives from their performance where they can. One thing Mahomes said they will look to do moving forward is get the ball to playmakers, such as Tyreek Hill, more often.

“I know that it’s hard and we trust other guys to go, but it’s good when you usually get the ball in (Hill’s) hands,” Mahomes said. “We’ll continue to work on that as I’m sure more teams will try to double cover him and guys will step up and we’ll find ways to get him the ball when we can.”

One part of the Chiefs offense that has faltered early in the season is the run game. Mahomes said that is expected when you have so many new faces working together.

“I think as the season goes on and people get a real good feel for each other on the offensive line and with the receivers and tight ends and running backs,” Mahomes said, “I think that will pick up, and we have the guys to do it, so I’m sure it will.”

Coming into KC this weekend is the Chargers. LA is coming off a loss to the Dallas Cowboys at home.

The player leading the way for the Chargers is quarterback Justin Herbert. The reigning NFL Rookie of the Year is showing the same flashes in year two that he did last season.

Mahomes had a lot of praise for the second-year man out of Oregon.

“His arm talent is crazy,” Mahomes said. “The way he’s able to throw some of these throws, it’s kind of like when you throw it it’s like I don’t know if this is a good throw, but he’s always hitting it perfectly in there, so it’s always a great throw.”

As Herbert gets more experience in the league, Mahomes said he expects Herbert to get even better moving forward.

“He’s someone who has a lot of talent and is learning more and more as he gets in this league,” Mahomes said. “Whenever you can have success without having the knowledge, usually you start getting more and more knowledge, and you get even better.”

As both teams look to get their season back on track in week three, Mahomes said it will be a tough game on both sides.

“If you look across the AFC West in general, we have a lot of really good football teams and so every single one of these games that we play against each other will be extremely important,” Mahomes said. “We understand that and they have a lot of playmakers that are healthy and that are ready to go and I’m sure they want to win.”

The Chiefs and Chargers square off Sunday afternoon. Kickoff is set for noon at Arrowhead Stadium.

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