The Kansas City Chiefs geared up for the 2019 season with another day of organized team activities on Thursday.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II has begun building relationships with the newcomers, such as wide receiver Mecole Hardman who was the team’s first draft pick of 2019.

“He’s a great player. Obviously, he’s very fast, but he’s working on everything, route-running, getting accustomed to the offense,” Mahomes said.

The standout quarterback has been working with some familiar faces as well this week. Mahomes said wide receiver Sammy Watkins continues to look healthy this offseason. During the 2018 season, Watkins dealt with some health problems, including a foot injury that kept him from playing in six games.

“To see how hard he works, you can tell, he’s slimmed down, he’s running really fast, he still has that power that you see every Sunday,” Mahomes said. “For him to be out here working hard, you see it every single day stacking on top of each other, you know that he’s primed and ready to go out there this season.”

Though being named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player in 2018, Mahomes believes there is still room for improvement heading into his second year as a starter.

“I made a lot of plays happen off-script last year, but there were times when I’d try to make those plays happen instead of just taking the easy completion for a first down. I have to keep finding that line between trying to make the big play happen and when I should just take the easy completion, move the chains, keep the offense on the field and keep rolling down the field,” Mahomes said.

The 23-year-old led the NFL in passing touchdowns last season with a total of 50.

The NFL announced Wednesday that it had selected Kansas City to host the 2023 Draft, an experience Mahomes looks forward to bringing to the city.

“People are going to eat a lot of very good barbecue, they are going to get to see this city and everything that it has to offer,” Mahomes said. “I think it is going to be an amazing experience.”

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