The St. Joseph Christian Lions began their 11-man football era by taking on the Putnam County Midgets on Friday at St. Joseph Christian, dropping a 21-0 decision in their inaugural contest.

On their first possession the Lions went three and out, ending the drive with the snap going over the head of punter junior punter Noah Fuerhing.

That would set up the Midgets to have a first and goal on their first snap of the season. A couple plays later Midget fullback Torqe Bundage would rumble into the end zone for the first touchdown of the game. It would be the only points scored in the first half.

“We had a great half If we don’t snap it over the head there we go into halftime 0-0,” St. Joseph Christian head coach Tony Schenk said. “If we can go into our first halftime of eleven-man with an even score we will take it.”

The Lions would fall 21-0 as the final seconds ran off the clock. Schenk thinks that there are more important things to take away from this game rather than a win or a loss.

“It is obviously not want you want. You don’t want to lose,” St. Joseph Christian Head Coach Tony Schenk said. “But you have to like what our guys did they fought their brains out.”

The only first down St. Joseph Christian earned in the first half was from a personal foul on Putnam County.

“We got to get a lot better, I have to get better as a coach. Our offense has to get a lot better. We obviously have to work on moving the ball and get ready for next week,” coach Schenk said.

He also acknowledged that this is the right step for the program to be taking, having a lot of pride in holding the midgets and their running game to only seven points in the first half. A senior leader on the team also thought the defense was holding their own.

“Our defense was great. We were shutting them down in the backfield and not letting them get that many yards,” Lions senior running back John Gregory said.

This was the first look at live action for St. Joseph Christian. The Lions knew it it takes a couple minutes to get acclimated to the speed of the game, especially going from eight-man to eleven-man.

“We never had a jamboree like everyone else did so we never had a chance to get the jitters out, that is what the first half was for,” Gregory said.

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