MARYVILLE, Mo. — Leading on both sides of the ball so far this season, Maryville’s junior running back and linebacker Trey Houchin has helped the Spoofhounds go 5-1 in the MEC.

Out of six games already played, Houchin leads the team in tackles, tallying a total of nine with eight of them as solo tackles. He’s also the leading rusher on the squad with 543 yards on 69 carries, averaging 90.5 yards per game.

Houchin said for him so far this season, “... mostly defense has been good, swarming around the ball, playing good defense and also on the ground attacking on running and rushing.”

Averaging 7.87 yards per carry, the junior’s path to success also includes scoring a touchdown in every Spoofhound matchup under the lights this fall, notching a total of nine runs to the endzone.

“It’s all credit to the up front. If the O-line doesn’t do their job ... but I mean it’s also a huge honor to have a score in every game. It’s awesome,” Houchin said.

Houchin credits his success to the Spoofhound offensive line, whose crucial blocks help open lanes on nearly every play.

“It all starts with the O-line up front. If they don’t do their jobs, then us as running backs can’t do our jobs. So, we just play for the guys right next to us,” Houchin said.

Head coach Matt Webb added he’s impressed with the execution of all of the team’s units.

“We’re making steps and strides both on offense, defense and special teams to be able to play our best toward the end of the season, which is when you want to be going into districts and going into playoff football. We want to make sure that all three phases are playing at (their) highest level,” Webb said.

Defense is a familiar unit for Houchin after his older brother Tyler Houchin, who now is a tight end for Northwest Missouri State football, mainly played offense for the Spoofhounds in seasons past.

“Last year, I didn’t play very much on offense because my brother was also the running back. So last year, I played a little more on defense and linebacker more often,” Houchin said. “I looked up to him my whole life and we pretty much have done the same positions our whole lives. Looking up to him has been what I do every day.”

Now, Houchin and the Spoofhounds look to continue their successful ways in the MEC this Friday night against the Savannah Savages.

Houchin added practicing hard with the offensive line will help them continue their winning trends.

“We all practice every day, do the same plays every day, getting in some repetition with each play. I just shout out the whole O-line, every single one of them,” Houchin said. “They’re doing a good job up there ... every day (we need to) keep on grinding and working, keep on practicing hard and doing every play correctly.”

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