Matt Webb’s rules are simple. Following a win, his Maryville Spoofhounds have 24 hours of reflection about that Friday’s game before it’s onto the next week’s opponent.

After a 52-20 pounding of Lafayette on Friday night at Scott Marriott Field at Alumni Stadium, he had some breaking news for his 9-0 Midland Empire Conference champions.

“We usually have a 24-hour rule where you watch film, critique yourself and move on to the next opponent,” said Webb, who secured his fifth straight outright MEC title and 48th consecutive regular season win Friday. When you win an outright championship, you get 48 hours this weekend; it’s not just a little bit, you get to double that time. But you stride right back in, you face the second part of the season.”

The Spoofhounds were bounced out of the past two playoffs before reaching the Class 3 title game — a contest the program has won four times in the past, including in back-to-back years in 2012 and ‘13.

The road to another district championship will go through the Hound Pound as Maryville secured the No. 1 seed in Class 3 District 16 with the victory.

“The last two years we fell short of that state game. I know every single one of those juniors and sophomores and freshman, they’re just as motivated as we are,” said Elijah Green. “We’ve got a little extra burnin’ furnace this year to get us there.”

Green starred for Maryville, rushing for three scores and 54 yards on eight carries. Trey Oglesby completed 5 of 12 passes for 132 yards, including a 60-yard touchdown to Jackson Golightly, and ran for two scores of his own.

After opening with a short scamper and touchdown toss by Oglesby, it appeared the tides turned in favor of the host Irish (6-3, 4-3 MEC).

“We talked to our kids all week about, ‘Are you up for the challenge?’ We said, ‘Guys, we’re gonna have to play a perfect game to beat them’, and that’s what we told them at the end. We’ve never lied to our kids,” Lafayette coach Bart Hardy said. “They get up 16-0 and we circle them up and tell our defense, ‘Guys, we’ve been in that position before.’

“I think every team has been down before, so it’s just one of those things where we told them, ‘We’ve gotta do the little things right. We’ll get the offense clicking a little bit and we’ll try to get back into it.’ ”

Brayden Cox took the ensuing kickoff 96 yards to paydirt, cutting the lead to 16-7. A 14-yard touchdown scramble late in the quarter by Diego Bernard had Maryville leading by just three after one quarter.

But Maryville has yet to trail this season. That was not bound to change Friday.

“We are used to putting up like so many, so many points. It was kinda different to come out with a team like that where it really wasn’t something that we could control,” Green said. “The kickoff situation was just something, and they were through the roof after that. We were just trying to calm down, we were gonna roll through that, and after that we handled them just fine.”

Maryville went on to score 36 straight points, including three straight rushing scores by Green — two coming before the halftime score of 30-13. Oglesby added a 14-yard score early in the fourth before Corby Roush’s 61-yard scoring dash.

Bernard added a late rushing score for the final of 52-20. The junior lefty quarterback finished 10-for-22 for 106 yards with 87 more coming on the ground. Maryville rushed for 359 yards as a team.

Lafayette converted just 4 of 13 third-down attempts to Maryville’s 9-for-14 tally.

And with the effort, the trophy case will be adjusted for one more MEC title.

Maryville still has far greater goals.

“It’s gonna be awesome. We’ve got 22 seniors that have been on playoff runs before; they know what to expect,” Webb said. “We already talked about it here before we left the field.

“The first part, that’s one patch on your letterman’s jacket, that’s an outright conference championship. Now it’s win or go home.”

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