Lafayette graduate Ike Book recently signed to continue his baseball career at Lincoln Trail Junior College in Robinson, Illinois.

Over the last year, Ike Book has had a lot of time to recover from a partially torn ulnar collateral ligament in his elbow.

“Right off surgery, there was a lot of sitting around, not really able to do much,” Book said. “That was probably the hardest part of the whole process.”

The former two-sport star at Lafayette hasn’t played a competitive baseball game since May 2019, but that isn’t stopping him from making a comeback on the diamond.

After spending the last year taking classes at Missouri Western, Book will be attending Lincoln Trail Junior College in Robinson, Illinois to further his baseball career.

“I had probably four or five things that I wanted in my future school,” Book said. “(Lincoln Trail) kinda checked off every box.”

The last year hasn’t come without struggles for Book, particularly in recruiting with little-to-no interest in the immediate area, but he said that fuels his fire going forward.

“It’s something that’s definitely been motivating me these last eight of nine months,” Book said. “The recruiting was definitely lower than I wanted it to be, but I’m kinda letting that drive me.’

Book said he’s also been working to get himself back to playing shape. He will move across the diamond, where he had to throw underhand at first base to third base or the outfield.

“Lately it’s been a lot of baseball,” Book said. “Over the last eight or nine months, it’s been a lot of training my body to get it back where it needs to be and trying to get myself past even where I was.”

Looking to the future, Book said he likes to keep his specific goals to himself, but he’s hopeful for where baseball can take him.

“I’m definitely looking to get a good two years, maybe even one year, in at Lincoln Trail and then going on to a four-year school,” Book said. “I’ve definitely got goals, and I’m definitely pretty driven right now to reach them.”

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