In a game that was close till the very end, Lafayette was unable to overcome a slow first half in their 2-1 loss to Atchison at home Tuesday night.

Atchison (1-5) wasted no time in scoring its first goal of the game as forward Caleb Saunders received a perfect pass from teammate Eric Hill, which allowed Saunders to score in the second minute to give them the early lead. Atchison head coach Alex Supple thought it was just the start they needed.

“That definitely set the momentum that carried through the first half,” Supple said. “It’s nice because (Saunders) is a senior, it’s his second goal and a good opportunity for him. It made the next 38 minutes a lot easier.”

Lafayette head coach Joshua Walters explained how the pass just got past the Fighting Irish defense, which led to the goal.

“It’s always a domino effect,” Walters said. “One mistake, and it wasn’t even a horrible mistake, just a slight miss. I keep telling them it’s a game of inches. It’s just one of the things. We got unlucky on that one.”

Atchison controlled the ball for most of the half and would add another goal courtesy of forward Alonso Diaz-Li in the 18th minute.

With a 2-0 lead going into half-time, Supple was very pleased with how her team started the game.

“We came out with our top half playing good,” Supple said. “Our offense was playing well. We were being creative, finding good opportunities and the scored stayed close because Lafayette has a good physical side. They are going to go fight for every ball. We had two goals that we worked hard for.”

Lafayette (1-10) was able to make things interesting. In the 67th minute, Hector Pablo-Mendoza scored the Irish’s first goal of the game, with the assist going to Cade King.

Things were tight during the final minutes of the game and Walters was enjoying it.

“It was exciting. I was excited and I think they were excited too,” Walters said. “I was hoping for more. Some days we’ll get the best of that but today, (Atchison) got the best of it.”

Atchison’s defense held off Lafayette to win its first game of the season.

Although the Irish were unable to make the comeback, Walters was very pleased with his team’s performance.

“My team played great,” Walters said. “I kept them on the field, they hustled their butts off and I have nothing to really complain about. The scoreboard was not with us today so I’m a little disappointed, but other than that I’m happy.”

On a team with no seniors, Walters believes his team just needs to keep coming to practice, working hard and eventually they will see they results.

“I ask from them good effort, good attitude and improvement every day. They have continued to do that after every single game so, I’m happy.”

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