The Central Indians’ season woes continued as they dropped another conference game to the Liberty Blue Jays on Tuesday night at Central High School.

The Blue Jays took two-straight sets and won 2-0 and are now 16-6 on the season. Meanwhile, the Indians drop to 3-7-2. The Indians had a 10-6 lead in the second set and had a chance to extend the game into a third, but they relinquished the lead and never led again.

Central coach Monica Flaska credits Liberty’s comeback in the second set to the Blue Jays’ raw talent.

“They had some great hitters for sure,” Flaska said. “I think that a lot of times it get into our girls’ head. Volleyball is more mental than it is physical, as in terms of you can not be off mentally. It shows in this sport.”

According to Flaska, her team’s hesitation and conservative play is their downfall.

“If they have any doubt or back down in their aggressive nature, then it gets in our heads,” Flaska said. “(Liberty) fired back, though, and they kept fighting. That’s what I said; do not back down. Don’t play safe. Playing safe doesn’t win games.”

The Indians didn’t go away after giving up the lead in the second set, however, but every time the Indians pulled within striking range, the Blue Jays responded emphatically with a kill to reset the tone.

“It’s a battle for sure,” Flaska said. “(We’re) hopefully trying to change that culture here and the volleyball program here at Central, but I’m proud of them. The first time we met Liberty, we did way better. We executed a defense the best we have (this season). I was proud of those small accomplishments that we’re making.”

The last time the Indians played Liberty, the Blue Jays won 2-0 as well. Central has shown flashes this season, tying 1-1 with Park Hill South (16-7). The Indians also trailed Liberty 17-13 in the first set at one point and showed they can compete in intervals.

“We’ve had some good wins,” Flaska said. “We took Park Hill South to three (sets) and almost beat them. We had game point. A lot of it is experience and performing under pressure and the mental part of the game.”

With this defeat, Central has lost three straight and is now 0-4 at home in The Coliseum and have two home games left before districts. The Indians take on Staley (4-13) tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. and then square up with Park Hill South again on Oct. 24.

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