The Bishop LeBlond boys basketball team will be adding a number of new faces to its roster, especially the starting lineup.

The squad graduated all of its starters from the previous season, except for one.

The lone returning starter for the 2018-2019 season is senior Jaren Guck.

“The team is completely different. We have a lot of young guys in here that are going to be playing varsity this year,” Guck said. “We just have to find the chemistry this year and try to get better as the year goes on.”

Despite the lack of varsity experience on the roster, coach Mitch Girres is optimistic about his team’s potential.

“The last two classes we’ve had pretty big senior classes,” he said. “But we have a unique freshman class here that is going to contribute at the varsity level.”

Another difference in the team this year as noted by senior Ben Hudson is the overall size of the roster.

“We’re definitely smaller in size and quantity, but I still think we have a lot of potential and a lot skill,” Hudson said.

Girres stressed that the team still has a lot of learning to do in order for them to play well as a team and at their highest potential.

The Golden Eagles not only graduated four players, but one of those players was Jack Harvey, who lead the city in scoring. The new faces this year makes it so they are learning how to play together.

“All the kids like each other, they get along well,” Girres said. “But it’s just going to take them a little while to kind of figure each other out.”

Girres also noted that despite the youth on the team, there are three seniors who have been in the program since he took the head-coaching job at LeBlond. He is excited to see how the mix of youth and experience will mend together as the season progresses.

The Eagle squad is hopeful for the upcoming season and looking to compete at a high level.

“We always strive for a district championship,” Guck said. “It would be a really cool experience if we could get one.”

Their season starts Friday in the City Jamboree at Civic Arena.

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