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Bishop LeBlond senior Olivia Elliott dribbles around a defender in the Eagles’ 2-0 victory over Mid-Buchanan Tuesday.

The last time the Bishop LeBlond Golden Eagles were district champions, Libby Weddle and fellow senior Olivia Elliott were just in second grade.

They’ve had two chances to take home the title in their four years at LeBlond, and they came in second each time.

“I think it means everything to us,” LeBlond senior Libby Weddle said of potentially winning a district crown. “We’ve been working for this for the past four years now, and this year we have a home field advantage, and we’re just all really excited and we’re really determined.”

With the 2020 season being cancelled, the Eagles have finished second in each of the last three Class 1 District 8 tournaments dating back to 2017.

“We’ve gotten so close for so long, and we’ve been working at it for so long,” Elliott said. “It really would mean everything.”

The Eagles are in their first year under head coach Chad Thompson. He said he hopes these last few weeks are indicative of what’s to come in the future.

“We’ve really come together as a team these past couple weeks,” Thompson said. “I got dealt a great team, and they’ve worked hard for it, and I think they deserve it.”

As the 2021 season begins to come to the end, the Eagles feel they are reaching their peak at the right time. The Eagles are 9-5 on the season and currently sit at No. 7 in the Class 1 polls. They’ve won seven of their last eight games, and Weddle said it’s come down to effort.

“We’re all just having to figure out what our game really is,” Weddle said, “and just going out on the field and playing like every team we’re going to play is the best team we’re going to play all season.”

Across their winning run, Elliott said the Eagles are starting to click on the field as a team.

“We’re really just working on getting shots in,” Elliott said. “It’s really coming together really well towards the end of the season, and I really think that we’re just doing the best we can.”

LeBlond picked up a 2-0 win over Mid-Buchanan earlier this week, a fellow top-10 team in Class 1 and a district rival of the Eagles. With the win, LeBlond clinched the top seed for the district tournament, which will be played at Eagle Stadium.

“We’re all really excited about the No. 1 seed,” Weddle said, “but I think our biggest thing is just to stay confident, but not cocky and just continue to play our game.”

As the Eagles get into the final week of the regular season, Elliott said they will look to tune some things up before districts start the following week.

“We keep shooting every game, and every game we get so many shots off and only so many fall,” Elliott said, “so once we start making them fall, it’ll all come together.”

LeBlond athletics have seen a lot of success throughout the whole school year. As the girls soccer Eagles reach the postseason, Elliott said they hope to keep the winning tradition going.

“With basketball and all the other sports, they brought home a lot of plaques and everything else,” Elliott said, “so we really just want to do our part for the school and just bring it home for everybody.”

With the district tournament quickly approaching, Weddle said the team is carrying the pride of the whole school, as they look to end a drought that’s lasted more than half their lifetimes.

“We’re just one big family,” Weddle said. “I think it’s just really important for us to go out there, represent our school well and bring one back for the entire school.”

The Eagles wrap up their regular season with two games next week before they begin play in the Class 1 District 8 tournament on May 18.

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