The Benton Cardinals continued their winning streak by taking an 8-0 win against the Lafayette Fighting Irish on Wednesday evening.

The tone of the game was set very early on after the Cardinals scored their first goal. The Cardinals proceeded to score three more times scattered throughout the first half. In the second half, although the Irish fought hard, the Cardinals increased their lead.

Benton head coach Joey Hendrix said the team felt good after their win and he wouldn’t change anything about how the game went.

“We’ve been on a little bit of a string, but we didn’t feel like we were playing our best soccer,” Hendrix said. “Today, I felt like it was really good soccer for us. We put in some of our backups to give them a chance to play and it was nice to see us execute our last two goals from corner kicks.”

Hendrix thought many players stuck out on the field, but the one that stuck out the most was Logan Malchose.

“He had a heck of a game,” Hendrix said. “He scored two of our first two goals and he assisted the other two.”

Malchose said although there were small things he wished would’ve gone differently, he was happy with how the game went.

“We moved the ball very, very well, and we were able to score,” Malchose said. “We could’ve put more up there but it’s OK. I think we played one of our best games all season. Everything went well and I think we played really, really good.”

The leading scorers for the Cardinals were Malchose, Kaden Gresham and Jawid Alemi, with each scoring two goals.

Lafayette’s head coach Joshua Walters said although he wished the game would’ve gone differently, he was still happy with how his team did.

“We lost 8-0 and we’re a little disappointed in the overall result but we have some things to keep our head up high for,” Walters said. “They just keep improving and that’s all I ask for. They’re doing good and they’re getting better and better.”

Benton’s next game will be against Maryville at home on Oct. 8, and Lafayette’s next game will be an away game against Maryville on Sept. 30.