Savannah’s Jadon Brady rush towards the endzone before scoring his third touchdown of the night in Cameron, Missouri.

CAMERON, Mo. — The Savannah Savages continued their winning ways on the road Friday, defeating the Cameron Dragons 55-7 for a fifth straight victory.

The tone was set early on when the Savages scored their first touchdown after senior Jadon Brady ran 31 yards less than two minutes into the first quarter. The next score came from Brady again after rushing 55 yards not even four minutes later. The Savages (5-1) continued on to score two more touchdowns in the first quarter, putting the score at 27-0 before heading into the second quarter.

The first touchdown of the second quarter came on a 1-yard run from junior Evan Yount. The play that officially put the Savages in their groove was when senior Chase Spoonemore scored a touchdown after a 95-yard run immediately after getting possession of the ball, putting the score at 41-0.

The Dragons managed to score one touchdown immediately after as sophomore Dominick Hurst ran 45 yards for their first points of the night. The Savages came back and scored two more touchdowns at the end of the second quarter, putting the scoreboard at 55-7, ending the scoring streak for the game.

Savages Head Coach Randy Schrader said he was happy with how his team played.

“It’s a win and we came out of it healthy. We’ll enjoy this until tomorrow morning,” Schrader said. “We still have a lot to work on. We’re a work in progress and we’ve got some things up front that we’ve gotten get taken care of. That’s the great thing. We got a win but we’ve got room to continue to improve.”

Schrader said that many players stuck out to him through the evening, but Spoonemore stuck out the most. Spoonemore felt confident in his performance and looks forward to a matchup with 5-1 Chillicothe, which beat Lafayette 14-13 on Friday.

“We got a really good win and we’re really looking forward to playing Chillicothe for senior night next week,” Spoonemore said. “Obviously we always hope for a shutout, but they had a long run on the outside and it broke down our defense, which is alright. It happens.”

Dragons head coach Jeff Wallace said that the team knew they were in for a tough time, but he knows his team is still working hard.

“I don’t think effort is our problem,” Wallace said. “I’m seeing them fighting, scratching, clawing and getting beaten physically at the point of attack. And if that’s happening, that’s something we got to live with because you can’t do anything about that. If effort’s the problem, we can deal with that. But right, until we look at more film, I don’t think that’s our problem.”

The Dragons will face the Fighting Irish at Lafayette next week, and Savannah will host Chillicothe in pursuit of a MEC title.

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