PLATTSBURG, Mo — In the final moments of the first half, Mid-Buchanan found itself in the midst of a sloppy performance against Plattsburg.

Poor defensive tackling allowed Tigers junior Austin Rankin for his biggest run of the night. In was called back, keeping the Dragons’ shutout.

The run was Plattsburg’s only opportunity of scoring in the end, being shut out by Mid-Buchanan 42-0.

“That was a downhill running game, and we struggled with it in the past, so I was pretty pleased keeping the shut out on the board,” Mid-Buchanan coach Aaron Fritz said. “We left a lot of things that we should probably get better at.”

After taking a 14-0 lead in the first quarter, Mid-Buchanan’s (6-1) offense stalled out. Wide-open passes fell incomplete while the run game failed to progress.

The Dragons were able to add another touchdown but struggled to take advantage when other opportunities were presented.

At the same time, Mid-Buchanan was to stall out Plattsburg (3-4), who consistently struggled offensively.

“I thought we tackled very poorly tonight,” Fritz said. “That was probably the worse tackling game we had all year. We got a lot of getting better to do.”

Dragons quarterback Javan Noyes threw for 161 yards on the night, finding the endzone once through the air and once on the ground.

There could have been other opportunities, but easy catches fell out of the hands of his receivers.

Despite this, he credited his offensive line for allowing himself to make the big throws.

“Obviously, I’m going to give all my fame to the O-line and my receivers running great routes,” Noyes said. “My O-line gave me plenty of time to throw and my receivers just had to finish it off.”

Noyes’ first big throw of the game arrived within the first two minutes as he connected with junior Drew Russell on a 57-yard pass.

Three plays later, TJ Runyan ran the ball into the end zone. He ran for 141 yards and two more touchdowns.

Rankin was one of Plattsburg’s few successful players against the Dragons. His gain at the end of the first half would have been the largest Tigers play of the game.

The penalty changed the plot line, while he also exited the game due to an unknown injury. Mid-Buchanan led 21-0 at halftime.

“Comeback lanes killed us,” Fritz said. “Rankin cut across field and made us really really bad that one time. “We’re fortunate the penalty happened there, or we would’ve been in big trouble because they would’ve been inside the five there.”

The Dragons stalled the Tigers coming out of halftime, before capitalizing a few moments later when Noyes found the end zone from 53 yards out for his first touchdown.

It was Mid-Buchanan’s first touchdown in almost an entire quarter.

“We thought we had a mediocre first half, so we really wanted to step it up,” Noyes said. “That first touchdown really helped.”

Mid-Buchanan moves on to a trip to West Platte next Friday, while Plattsburg travels to Lathrop.

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