The Savannah and Lafayette football teams square off tonight in a game expected to have plenty of passion.

A homecoming matchup for the Fighting Irish, both teams foresee an intensified contest.

"It's fun for them. I mean who doesn’t have fond memories of homecoming. I’m sure they will too. Hopefully they have a lot of good memories after we get done,” Lafayette head coach Eric McDowell said.

Savannah head coach Randy Schrader added, “You got to bring the juice man, I mean, you got to bring the juice. You got to match their intensity. You got to match the emotion that’s going to be there on their side of the football because it’s homecoming.”

Last year, the Savages beat the Fighting Irish 65-28 on their own home turf, and now they make the trek down to St. Joseph.

"It wasn't that great, I mean we were young last year. But this year we’re still kind of young, but (we have the) same plays. We just got to execute our plays more and do better than we did last year,” Lafayette junior Miles Henderson said.

“It's always a lot of fun. It’s competitive. There’s a little rivalry stuff going on there so it’s a lot of fun,” Savannah senior Noah Bodenhausen said. "It'll be loud. There will be a lot of people in the stands. So there will be people there from both sides.”

The two squads post the same records on the season at 2-1.

The Fighting Irish are coming off a win last week over the Benton Cardinals, while the Savages hit the road with a two-game winning streak under their belts.

"We got off to a rough start against Grain Valley. We didn’t play real well. Then we came back against Pleasant Hill and played OK, good enough to win,” Schrader said. “Then we traveled five-and-a-half hours south to Bristol, Oklahoma, and just hung around long enough to win a football game. So we’re just trying to improve every week."

"We really hammer every week,” McDowell said. “We don’t get too high for any game or too low. We treat them all the same. So, I think we’ll keep that routine and keep it as normal for the boys as possible."

With a kickoff set for 7 p.m. tonight at Scott Marriott Field, a big matchup awaits.

McDowell added, "They're fast, they're physical, and they’re very disciplined. They score a lot of points and on defense they’re very aggressive. So we’re expecting a pretty good battle."

"It’s going to be a fast game, should be a physical game I assume. It’s their homecoming so they’re going to be through the roof. It’ll be a lot of emotion of their side of the football so we just got to show up and do our job and hopefully we can come out on top,” Schrader said.

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