MARYVILLE, Mo. — When the stakes ran high for two local high school tennis players, the pressure that came with it may have been even higher.

In the MSHSAA Class 1 Sectional 8 Monday evening, Benton sophomore Kally Horn and Maryville senior Addison Hall competed amongst the singles pool. Both saw their season come to an end, but both girls also found their programs to be in better shape than when the season started two months ago.

“One thing I’ll remember is winning out my senior year,” Hall said. “We won team districts and I won individual, that’s something that not a lot of people get to say they did.”

Hall’s season came to an end via the racquet of St. Pius X junior Masie Markowitz. The two dueled prior to the matchup in sectionals and the Maryville senior lost. Markowitz had full control for a third time this season when she took the match in a 2-0 sweep, claiming both sets 6-2.

Horn saw her second season of action come to a close when she lost to Pembroke Hill’s Alisha Castaner. Much like Hall, Horn found herself on the backend of a sweep. Castaner took a 2-0 victory on the match with the first set being 0-6 and the second being 1-6.

“(Horn) has worked hard and she’s battled throughout the entire year,” Benton coach Weston Sanger said. “I think that it was experience gained for her to come out here and play a very good opponent and I think she’ll use this to come back and work even harder for next season.”

It was a bittersweet end to the season for both girls, but especially for Hall, who ended her high school career with the loss in sectionals.

“I started playing tennis my sophomore year,” Hall said. “I honestly never thought I’d get here. … It’s all really cool. My freshman year I started hitting — I played volleyball before this — I thought to myself, ‘There’s no way I’ll ever quit volleyball to come play a different sport and just seeing how much it’s meant to me is something else.”

Horn added, “I feel pretty honored coming out as a sophomore to play at sections. Just looking back, I have a lot to improve on so I’m excited for next season to come around.”

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