The Cameron lineman go up for the block during their scrimmage.

CAMERON, Mo. — After spending the summer rebuilding their program, the Cameron Dragons are ready to head out of their lair and onto the field for this upcoming season.

The team welcomed in a brand new coaching staff at the beginning of the summer, bringing in in new plays, new goals and much more.

Head coach Jeff Wallace had many different things he wanted the boys to achieve, but one of the main things was their effort and their attitude.

“You know we can teach techniques until the cows come home, but we’re talking about how you got to have great attitude every day,” Wallace said. “You gotta want to be here. You’re effort level has to be tremendous. We say four-to-six, A to B. We’re gonna go as hard as we can for four-to-six seconds every play from point A to point B.”

Many of the team members are very young this year, leaving the Dragons with only three seniors. Despite very few upperclassmen, Wallace thinks they’ve been a huge help in leading the team to be what they want.

“They’re not huge in quantity, but they’re big in quality, let’s put it that way,” Wallace said. “Good group of kids who have paid their dues here. They’ve been great leaders for us as the summer has gone along. They want things changed, they do. And them along with our junior class, they’ve been great leaders.”

The Dragons have learned a brand new playbook this summer and have high hopes as to how this upcoming season will be. Quarterback Tyler Campbell said that all his teammates are ready to change the culture and the program. He also said that the team wants to show everyone all the work that they’ve put in.

“I mean, I don’t know about wins and loses but all I can tell you is we’re gonna play our butts off, we’re gonna work hard. You’re gonna see a Cameron Dragon team that you’ve never seen before,” Campbell said.

The Dragons spent time this summer not only learning techniques but also how to be a better person, and how to better their health. The boys worked with a new athletic trainer, Brett McQueen, as well who focused on trying to fix their past health issues.

“We didn’t do anything that I would consider real traditional,” McQueen said. “But we made all the kids bigger, better, faster, stronger. We incorporated a whole bunch of different techniques that they’ve never seen before.”

Wallace hopes to see big crowds this season because he’s confident people will enjoy watching the team this year.

“We’re gonna be fun to watch,” Wallace said. “You know, what we do offensively is fun. Defensively, we put a lot of pressure on people. We’re doing some very different stuff on special teams that I think people are gonna like to watch. I think especially the enthusiasm that these kids have when they play is a lot of fun to watch too when you got kids truly enjoy what they’re doing.”