Matt Thrasher speaks at his induction ceremony

Matt Thrasher speaks at his induction ceremony. Thrasher was inducted into the Fairview Men’s Club Golf Hall of Fame on Thursday at Fairview Golf Course.

“He’s the winningest golf coach at Missouri Western.”

It was a joke everyone laughed at. Mark Korell gave a short speech before introducing the next inductee into the Fairview Men’s Club Golf Hall of Fame.

Korell told a story about Matt Thrasher acting as a coach for a day for the Griffons golf team when he took the team down to Joplin, Missouri, for a tournament. The goal was to win and they did.

Thrasher, a St. Joseph native, was inducted at a ceremony on Friday evening.

“Fairview will always be near and dear to me,” Thrasher said. “This place, with this great game, has allowed me to make some of the greatest friends anyone could ask for.”

Thrasher had many stories, some of which were narrated by him and others by those who attended the ceremony.

Thrasher remembered playing at Fairview in the summer as a kid. He said his parents would drop him off before work and pick him up after while he and his friends would play 36 holes.

Korell spoke of a time years later when the two teamed up for a tournament and played two golfers from Kansas State. One of their two competitors went on to become a PGA competitor that won $9 million.

“But they couldn’t beat us,” Korell said with a laugh.

Thrasher said it was an honor for him to be inducted into the hall of fame of a course he grew up playing on.

“Fairview is a wonderful place. We all grew up here — started here, and it means a lot,” Thrasher said.

The ceremony ended with photos and stories before the beginning of a shoot-out, which took place on the greens.

Thrasher was joined by eight other golfers, including Korell and Brad Nurski.

Thrasher said he rarely competes at state-level competitions — unless he has a partner — but still likes to spend his time out on the course.

“I still enjoy playing, though I’m not very good anymore,” Thrasher said.

Regardless, Thrasher said he knows how important it is to him to be inducted into the hall of fame.

“It’s pretty special,” Thrasher said. “It really means a lot.”