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Northwest Missouri State wide receiver Jake Soy (1) makes a reception for a touchdown in the fourth quarter of the 2009 NCAA Division II national championship game at Braly Municipal Stadium in Florence, Alabama.

The 2019 Northwest Missouri State University M-Club Hall of Fame was announced earlier this week with a total of seven inductees.

The 2019 class includes former Northwest student-athletes, coaches and administrators who will be inducted this fall, including Venus Harris (women’s track and field), Dale Kisker (baseball), David Crozier (NCAA faculty athletics representative), Malcolm Harrison (men’s tennis), Danae (Wagner) Ites (women’s basketball), Tyler Shaw (men’s track and field/football) and Jake Soy (football).

Northwest Missouri State’s Assistant Athletic Director Colin McDonough said the process of choosing hall of fame members requires scrutiny.

“I tally and calculate information. I did a lot of background research, pulling names of folks. Some folks have been nominated in the past, and other members of the committee nominate them,” McDonough said. “People call in and email nominations if they want, and we’ll include them in the mix as well.”

McDonough added athletes are eligible seven years after graduation, making the selection process rather extensive.

“We had a meeting where we discussed the names and we went back and had a few more, but it takes awhile. I mean it probably took three hours or so just in two separate meetings to decide on folks and who was deserving,” McDonough said.

Northwest football wide receiver Soy is one of the more recent inductees, and McDonough said he sticks out, among others, on the list.

“He had a tremendous career for the Bearcats and certainly from a recent standpoint. But it’s also nice to go and look back at some of the older folks like Dale Kisker, a pitcher from the late ‘70s, early 80s, and Dave Crozier was one of the first athletic representatives,” McDonough said. “So we have folks not just from recent era but from the past who have made an impact on Bearcat athletics.”

McDonough added he thinks this 2019 class has a good mix of athletes from different time periods.

“It’s just a good group of former student athletes and administrators that helped carve a niche in Bearcat athletics in their time,” McDonough said.

The class will bring the total of individual inductees in the hall of fame to 153. Established in 1980, Northwest teams were first enshrined beginning in 1989.

“There’s always going to be more added to that list, so it’s hard to say if somebody from the recent era is any better than someone that may have been passed over and not looked at,” McDonough said. “So, I think it makes it tougher every year because you get more names added to the list and you can’t just pick out the current ones every time because there’s others.”

McDonough said there’s no limit when picking inductees every year.

“You get to a point where you look at your class and you say, ‘This is a good hall of fame class,’ and that’s where you cap it at,” he said.

The class of 2019 will be inducted into the M-Club Hall of Fame on Friday, Oct. 25, and will be recognized at the Homecoming football game on Saturday, Oct. 26.

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