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The Idaho Press is counting down the top 20 questions facing the Boise State football team during the 2020 season. Today is question No. 1: Will there even be a season and how will it work?

For the last two months we've counted down the top 25 most important players and the 20 biggest questions for the Boise State football team in 2020. 

It all could be for naught depending on the answer to the question still hanging over everything: Will there even be a season? And if there is, how will it work?

The SEC, Pac-12 and Big Ten have announced they will only play conference games this season, while the ACC has said it will play 10 conference games and one non-conference game. The Big 12 is still hoping to play a full season, but it may be forced to adjust in the near future. 

The ACC's announcement included wording that the nonconference game must be played in the home state of the ACC team, meaning Boise State's game against Florida State is no more. 

Conference USA is the only Group of 5 league to announce plans, and it plans to push forward with an eight-game conference schedule and as many nonconference games as teams can play. That means Boise State's road game at Marshall is still on — for now. 

Tuesday is a huge day for college football and the prospects of playing a 2020 season. The NCAA Board of Governors will decide the best course of action — cancel the season, allow individual levels (FBS, FCS, Division II, etc.) to decide what to do, or to proceed forward as originally scheduled. 

The Mountain West is waiting to see what happens Tuesday, and will react from there. The league is expected to make a decision prior to Friday's first day of fall camp for most teams including Boise State. 

The most likely scenario is for the Mountain West to play eight conference games and two nonconference games. That is because playing Army and Navy are very important to Air Force, and any decision likely will be made with that in mind. 

But pushing forward with a season in early August doesn't actually mean we'll have a season. Even if we start on time and the Broncos host Georgia Southern as expected on Sept. 5, there's no guarantee Boise State or any other team will be able to finish. 

What happens if five players test positive for COVID-19 the night before a game? Can the rest of the team play or will the game be postponed? 

Six Major League Baseball teams have already had games canceled in the first 10 days of the season due to positive coronavirus tests. There's a legit possibility the season is canceled if positive tests continue. 

So what would college football do? Would it make the teams with positive tests forfeit a game or allow them to try and make it up later in the season? How many positive cases would be the threshold to decide whether a team can safely play?

The SEC and Pac-12 both have announced they won't start until Sept. 26 to allow for the spike in cases when students return to campus to subside. Is this the wisest move, or should leagues play as many games as early as possible to leave time to deal with postponements and the need to reschedule games? 

It figures to be a week-by-week, day-by-day situation. Games likely will get canceled, but will the NCAA be able to maneuver this enough to push forward with the season? Or will enough postponements force the season to be canceled midway?

We likely won't see the smaller bowl games for this year, but the New Year's Six games and the College Football Playoff will happen — assuming we can get to that point in December and still be playing games. 

Heck, the Big Ten has cautioned they aren't even sure there will be a season at all and it plans to decide next week before teams start practice. 

We don't even know for sure that Boise State will be practicing on Friday let alone be able to play a full season. 

There's a lot of questions and to this point, not many answers. 

College football is going to probably try to have some sort of a season. What it looks like for schools like Boise State remains to be seen. 

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