Another Chiefs training camp has come and gone, as the Kansas City Chiefs held their final practice of the year Thursday at Missouri Western. The Chiefs feel they accomplished a lot, not only on the field, but off the field as well.

Fewer NFL teams are traveling away from their main practice facility for training camp, but the Chiefs believe being a little way from home helps them grow as a team. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid wants the team to get to know each other as much as possible. Being in the dorms and around one another constantly for a couple weeks helps with that.

“We’re here and that’s part of it. A lot of teams don’t do this anymore,” Reid said. “The fact that you’re meeting together, you’re eating together and you’re working hard together, it develops a certain camaraderie there that I appreciate. You find out a lot about people, each team member. You can’t hide a lot when you’re doing that. That helps bond you as a team.”

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II just completed his third training camp in St. Joseph. Mahomes spoke highly of his experiences at camp and even revealed a little of what goes on in the dorms.

“We were always messing with each other’s rooms and trying to do this and that to try to keep people trapped in their rooms,” Mahomes said. “That is just building chemistry and it’s kind of that thing where you get to be around people that you might not get to be around all the time like you are in St. Joseph. It’s been a good experience for me every year.”

The unfortunate player locked in his own room was defensive tackle Joey Ivie. Mahomes said he and few other players put a mattress up on Ivie’s door so that he couldn’t escape.

While the Chiefs had a good time at camp, the main goal was to get better on the football field. This team has Super Bowl aspirations and that can only be done by coming out and working hard every day. While Reid acknowledged there was more work to be done, he liked what he saw every day from his team.

“The guys came out with what I thought was a great attitude,” Reid said. “They had a purpose of wanting to be better. That’s the way they approached it. Every day, they came with something individually to make themselves better, and then collectively as a team to make themselves better.”

With only three weeks to go before the season opener, the Chiefs leave St. Joseph feeling better than when they arrived. However, the team is not completely satisfied just yet as this is just one step toward the goal.

“Yeah, as you get closer and closer to the season, this is one of those little milestones where you get through camp and you know that you’re that much closer,” Mahomes said. “It was awesome out here this year. We were able to build a lot of chemistry and we got to have a lot of fun, so we’re happy to be here, but now we go back to KC and get ready. This season is going to be big.”

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