Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has joined a group that is attempting to buy Major League Baseball’s New York Mets.

According to ESPN, Kelce is part of group that includes former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, former NFL All-Pro running back DeMarco Murray and former Cleveland Browns offensive lineman Joe Thomas. Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal and the Denver Nuggets’ Mason Plumlee are also part of the venture.

Movie and television star Jennifer Lopez and former baseball star Alex Rodriguez have led the bid, reportedly putting up $300 million of their own money toward an initial $1.7 billion offer for the team.

“This is a crazy opportunity,” Kelce told ESPN. “I had a chance to meet Alex Rodriguez a couple years ago and just told him how much of a fan I was as a kid of him. I’m very thankful for the success that I’ve had in the NFL, to have an opportunity like this come across the table. I couldn’t think of a more unique set of people to be in charge of this.

“Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are a star-studded couple that have gotten to where they are because they work their tails off. And they’re good human beings. I thank them for letting me be a part of this.”

Kelce’s earnings are projected to top $51 million by the end of the 2021 season, though another contract is likely in his future.

Billionaire Steve Cohen reportedly has made the top bid of $2 billion so far. However, Mets chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon has said the Lopez-Rodriguez group is the preferred buyer if it comes close to the best bid.

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