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Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackle Eric Fisher celebrates his touchdown catch during the second half against the Baltimore Ravens on Monday in Baltimore.

The last time Eric Fisher found himself in the end zone scoring a touchdown was his junior year of high school in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

“So junior year was probably the last before that freshman year when I played quarterback, got a couple of touchdowns. But yeah, I haven’t been in the end zone so much,” Fisher told reporters on Wednesday.

All of that changed Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens when the Kansas City Chiefs left tackle caught a two-yard touchdown pass from Patrick Mahomes en route to the Chiefs 34-20 victory.

It was one of many in a bundle of surprising play calls as Kansas City pulled out all its weapons. In the third quarter, Mahomes threw an underhand pass to fullback Anthony Sherman for a five-yard score.

Fisher said, “I think it was a pretty cool night for me and Anthony Sherman to get in the end zone, especially on Monday Night Football.”

With Andrew Wylie being a late scratch due to an illness, Kansas City prepared for the play by putting in guard Nick Alegretti as an extra blocker.

“We had to go heavy personnel on that,” Fisher said. “Once Andrew Wylie was down, I didn’t think there was a chance we were calling it. So it kind of surprised me, which might have been a good thing. That way, I wasn’t thinking about it the whole game.”

On first-and-goal at the Baltimore 2-yard line with 8:19 remaining in the fourth quarter, the Chiefs informed the referees to have Fisher report as an eligible receiver.

“But when (the play) came in, I reported eligible, and luckily, kind of tricked the defense on the field there, (getting) wide open over there in the end zone,” Fisher said. “Patrick Mahomes made me work for that one a little bit, but it’s all right. We practice those kinds of things. It’s a memory I’ll have for life.”

Fisher said he was ultimately prepared for the moment, but made sure to complete a certain task on the sideline prior to lining up.

“If you come down in the trenches mid-game, you’ll see there’s a lot of sweat involved,” Fisher said. “I didn’t want to let that one slip through my fingers, so I thought it was kind of worth sneakily wiping my hands off before that and I’m glad I did. I got it in and put it in the end zone.”

As he checked his phone after the win, Fisher saw a a plethora of texts from his family and friends.

“It probably took me through Tuesday to get back to everybody,” Fisher said. “I try to do my best on that. Everyone was excited for me.”

Fisher noted that the linemen put in a majority of their work on Wednesday and Thursday during practice weeks, which allows for extra time on Friday to prepare for big game-time moments.

“Friday is like a polishing day... I’ve been doing that for eight years on Friday practices. I’m guessing maybe my hands got a little better,” Fisher said with a smile.

Fisher officially has six points in his eight seasons in the league, a feat years in the making.

“It’s a memory I’ll cherish.”

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